Alien "Auto"topsy Part II
Level 7
Type Delivery/Avoid
Previous Alien "Auto"topsy Part I
Next Alien "Auto"topsy Part III

Alien "Auto"topsy Part II is the sixth mission of Level 7, and the penultimate mission of the game. It is the second of the Alien "Auto"topsy mission series, where Homer sacrifices multiple containers of nuclear waste, vehicles, and even people.


Homer finds Snake in the playground and carjacks his Bandit, threatening to flip him off if he doesn't comply. They both drive toward the power plant, but again the alien probe tries to intercept Homer. They escape, and Homer sacrifices Snake and the Bandit to destroy the spacecraft, but again, his effort only damages it.

Music Edit

The track that plays during this mission features a prominent brass section, xylophone, and scat singing. The music is shared with Petty Theft Homer and is extended in For A Few Donuts More.


Snake Jailbird: Wow, imagine: me getting carjacked. What a total switcharoo.

Homer Simpson: Just go!

Snake Jailbird: And what will you do if I don't?

Homer Simpson: Flip you the bird!

Snake Jailbird: Okay, don't get freaky. Get in.

(Snake and Homer drive to the power plant, evading the probe parked down the street. They retrieve the nuclear waste, return to the spacecraft, and sacrifice the Bandit and Snake)

Snake Jailbird: Sayonara, dude!

Trivia Edit

  • Despite the plot of Level 7 being obvious, it is unclear whether Professor Frink and Snake survive in Level 7. In Pocket Protector, Frink talks of sacrificing himself for the greater good, and the cutscene at the end of Level 7 shows Grampa entering the spaceship before it is blown up. However, when Homer sacrifices his own car, he makes it out unscathed. This doubt is strengthened with the fact that the characters don't disappear after being sacrificed, even though their car does in the process.
  • In the game files, there is an unused objective. Re-enabling it shows that it is mostly incomplete as the player would have to drive to the power plant after escaping the alien probe. Also, there is no HUD icon and the objective text reads "DRIVE THROUGH THE POWERPLANT ENTRANCE." The player would have to drive inside the Power Plant before the toxic waste barrel appears.

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