Armored Truck
Armored Truck
Level Level 6
Unlock Purchase (Gil)
Vehicle Stats
Speed FullstarHalfstar
Acceleration FullstarHalfstar
Toughness FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarFullstar
Handling FullstarHalfstar

The Armored Truck is an unlockable vehicle in The Simpsons: Hit & Run. Like all other player owned cars this vehicle may be accessed via phone booths at any time, on any level.

Description Edit

The Armored Truck is essentially a steel block on wheels, with one sided mirrors in all windowpanes. Despite its dismal stats, the Armored Truck has a 5-star toughness rating, making it one of the most difficult vehicles to destroy. The car bears a strong resemblance to the real life Ford F-800.

Appearances Edit

The Armored Truck makes its first appearance in Level 5, when Snake and Apu work together to destroy the truck for "community service". In Level 6, the player can purchase the Armored Truck from Gil for 400 coins.

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

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