Barney Gumble
Barney Grumble - Level 1

Barney Gumble in Level 1

Bernard "Barney" Gumble  is a car dealer and non-playable character in The Simpsons: Hit & Run. He is known for his large amount of drinking and his personality. Because of the few appearances he makes in-game, he is not major to the story whatsoever. 

Roles & AppearancesEdit

Barney only makes appearances in missions during Levels 1 and 6, but as stated earlier. In Level 1, he is a car dealer. In Level 2, he can be seen inside of Moe's Tavern sitting down on a bar stool, but can't be interacted with by the player. He also appears in Level 3 inside the Krustylu Studios, but like the previous level, cannot be interacted with. Here is a list of Barney's appearances in missions.

Level 1Edit

  • Petty Theft Homer - It is revealed that Homer gave Flanders' cooler to Barney. After that, Barney says "Now what will I use for a toilet?" and then reluctantly gives it to Homer.
  • Office Spaced - When Homer needs to destroy Smithers' Car, he decides to use a big truck to take him out. He finds Barney at the gas station and asks him for the Plow King, but Barney is drunk and mistakes Homer for a leprechaun. He does lend his truck to Homer eventually.

Level 6Edit


  • Barney wears a different outfit in Level 6; instead of wearing a pink shirt with blue pants, he wears a blue suit similar to that of a guard/conductor depending on the country.