Bart Simpson
Bart Simpson - Level 6

Bart Simpson in default clothing

Bart Simpson is one of the main members of the Simpson family and is a main character in the television series and in the game, The Simpsons: Hit & Run. He is the son of Homer and Marge and the brother of Lisa. The player plays as Bart in Levels 2 and 6. He is first heard in the console versions during the tutorial in Level 1.

Character Costumes refers to the outfits that the player can purchase for character that they are playing as in that level. The costumes (usually three per level) can be purchased from a clothing point somewhere on each map, and purchasing all the customers count towards getting 100% on that level.

The clothing points for Bart are either the Moe's Tavern, Department of Motor Vehicles in Level 2, Android's Dungeon or the Observatory in Level 6. These costumes are references to outfits that appear within the series.

Family members in-gameEdit


Level 2 Costumes Edit

These costumes can be purchased in Level 2 from either the DMV or Moe's Tavern.

Tall Edit

Bart Tall

The Tall costume consists of Bart wearing a striped suit and high boots to appear taller, referencing the episode Radioactive Man . It costs 150 coins.

Football Edit

Bart football

The Football costume consists of Bart dressed like an American Football player, referencing the episode Bart Star. It costs 200 coins.

Ninja Edit

Bart Ninja
The Ninja costume consists of of a full black ninja costume which makes Bart do flips and handstands when idle, referencing the episode Lisa the Tree Hugger. It costs 250 coins

Level 6 Costumes Edit

These costumes can be purchased in Level 6 from either the Android's Dungeon or the Springfield Observatory.

Hugo Edit

Bart - Hugo

The Hugo costume consists of a ragged red T-shirt, blue shorts identical to Bart's and a shackle. The costume removes Bart's shoes, messes up his hair, and gives his face a scraggly, twisted look. It is a reference to Bart's "evil" twin, Hugo, in The Thing and I and costs 400 coins.

Cadet Edit

Bart - Cadet

The Cadet costume consists of a white cap with a white "R" imposed over a blue shield, a navy blue long sleeve with buttons, a red belt, white pants, and brown shoes. It references the graduation outfit seen in The Secret War of Lisa Simpson and costs 500 coins.

Bartman Edit

Bart - Bartman

The Bartman costume simply consists of Bart's standard clothing plus a purple cowl and mask. It references his alter-ego, Bartman and costs 600 coins.

Mission AppearancesEdit

Level 1 Edit

  • The Cola Caper (tutorial)
  • He will randomly pop up to explain aspects of the game unless tutorial is disabled.

Level 2 Edit

  • As the level's protagonist, he appears in all missions.

Level 3 Edit

Level 4 Edit

Level 5 Edit

Level 6 Edit

  • As the level's protagonist, he appears in all missions.

Level 7 Edit


  • In the beta version, Bart had more lines for the tutorial in the console versions explaining traffic, the radar, the arrows on the road, etc. They can be seen in the game files for the PC version, but they were all cut from the final release of the game.
  • One of Bart's music cues features a guitar melody similar to the one featured in All Apologies by Nirvana.
  • In the game files, there is an unused stage message that says "GET A VEHICLE FROM BART", but in the game itself, the player doesn't have to buy vehicles from Bart as he isn't actually a person who can sell a player vehicles.