Blind Big Brother
Level 1
Type Destroy
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Blind Big Brother is the fourth mission of Level 1. This is an on-foot mission requiring no car.


Homer goes to his office to start work, but he sees a spy camera that could be taking pictures of him. He decides to destroy the control boxes. But he must destroy them in the limited time he has or the play fails the missions.


  1. Go to Power Plant and then into Homer's office.
  2. Go outside of the office.
  3. Destroy 9 control boxes.
  4. Go back into office.


The song that plays in this mission sounds very similar to "Pruit Igoe" by Philip Glass, and is shared with Beached Love.

The Simpsons Hit and Run Soundtrack - Blind Big Brother

The player will hear this upon failing the mission:

The Simpsons Hit and Run Soundtrack - Blind Big Brother - Mission Failed

The player will hear a fanfare upon completing the mission:

The Simpsons Hit and Run Soundtrack - Blind Big Brother - Mission Complete


(Homer goes to his workstation and looks at the camera)

Homer: How can I sleep with that camera? Doh-what if sexy girls could be watching me on the internet?! Stupid cameras. You should be smashed! I'll destroy you at your power source! (laughs)

(Homer goes around the power plant as he destroys every power coupling)

Homer will say these lines when he destroys a power couplon:

  • Marge will clean this mess up later.
  • It's not like anyone likes these things.
  • Ha ha! Stupid like a fox!
  • If you're so smart, how come I broke you?

(Homer destroys all the power couplings and then goes back to take a nap)

Homer: Finally, I can get some sleep.

(whistle blows)

Mr.Burns: (On an intercom) Mindless drones, return to your ugly families!

Homer: D'OH!


  • In the PC version, if the player completes the game 100%, uses the "Change Player Skin" cheat & tries to complete the mission as either Apu, Bart, Lisa or Marge, unique dialogue can be heard, suggesting that in early builds of the game, all other playable characters had their own missions where they destroy the control boxes, not just Homer, but according to the name of the format of those dialogues (w_breakca_charactercode_filename) they were probably used for breaking the Wasp Cameras, not the control boxes.
SHAR - Crash the Game With Blind Big Brother (L1M4)

SHAR - Crash the Game With Blind Big Brother (L1M4)

  • There is a glitch that the player can perform in this mission which will cause the power couplings to unload and the whole game to crash, it can work on the PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC versions. The player must drive as far away as they can from the Power Plant to the Springfield Elementary School with a fast vehicle, they must drive back to the power plant and when they arrive back, the Power Couplings will be gone. If a player then attempts to go close to where one of them were, the game will crash.
  • There is an additional unused music track that was supposed to play when the player has less than 10 seconds left to complete the mission, but it does not play in the final game for unknown reasons.
The Simpsons Hit and Run Soundtrack - Blind Big Brother - 10 Seconds Left