Bonestorm Storm
Level 1
Type Hit + Collect
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Bonestorm Storm is the sixth mission in Level 1.


Homer tells Marge about Mr. Burns, but Marge is worrying about a new violent video game called Bonestorm II.


  1. Go to the grocery store
  2. Talk to Marge
  3. Crash into the cBone and collect 10 game boxes
  4. Go to the Simpsons House


The track that plays in this mission is a piano-like tune, the same track plays also in the missions Weapons of Mass Delinquency and Clueless.


Homer: Mr. Burns is spying on everybody, we've got to follow him!

Marge: Not now Homer, a new violent video game has hit the streets, and we need to get rid of it before it warps any children with its bloops and bleeps!

Homer: But that game sounds awesome!

Marge: ...and therefore should be destroyed!

Homer: (agreeing slightly) I guess.

(Homer and Marge go to collect the Bonestorm games, then head straight back home)

Marge: If only kids would play more video games about sharing.

Homer: Marge, you know I have more crazy plans. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go spy on my boss.

Marge: Hrmph...


  • The cBone truck is an unobtainable vehicle which can only be obtained via the all cars cheat or with mods.
  • This mission is later referenced in Level 2's first mission, Detention Deficit Disorder.