Bonfire of the Manatees is the third mission of the third level of the game where the player is playing as Lisa Simpson.

Mission Edit

Apu has found out what Cletus has been up to during the previous level and needs Lisa's help to put a stop to it. This mission involves chasing after Cletus's truck in Apu's car and ramming it so that it drop the meat.


  1. Talk to Apu
  2. Chase after Cletus and collect the meat
  3. Drive To The Observatory
  4. Talk to Talk To Proffessor Frink.


Apu: Oh, this is terrible. A very bad man is delivering road kill to all the Krusty Burgers, which are cheaper than my Kwik-E-Dogs!

(Apu and Lisa collect all the roadkill to save Apu's business then Lisa needs help on finding answers on searching for Bart)

Lisa: Hee hee, that was pretty cool! But Bart's still missing and I'm still no closer to finding him.

Apu: Perhaps we should consult Professor Frink at the Observatory. He seems to know everything...except why I ever came to this jerkwater burg.

(Lisa arrives at the Observatory and speaks to Professor Frink)

Lisa: Professor Frink, Professor Frink!! My brother, Bart, is missing. Have you seen him?

Professor Frink: Well, let's see now, Bart helped me build a monster and then disappeared in a bright light.

Lisa: Wow! This is crazy. I need someone to talk to who is wise and learned.


  • In 2016, two prerelease assets were found revealing that the mission would've ended with Lisa talking to Apu who would then make her own way to the observatory.
  • This mission most likely ties into the events of the mission Better Than Beef, which ironically involved Bart.

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