Buzz Cola plays a major role in The Simpsons: Hit & Run. In the game, Krusty promotes a "new improved Buzz Cola", which in reality is a drink made by Kang and Kodos that makes people crazy.

Their plan is to drive the townspeople insane and destroy their own town, all which would be shown on a reality show called "Foolish Earthlings". The aliens planned to put up stands in the Springfield Squidport that gives out free ray guns, so that the cola-infected townspeople would shoot each other and cause major carnage.

The Simpsons and Apu expose their plan, and Bart destroys all the ray gun stands. However, the aliens instead spread the cola through the water supply, which instead of turning the people of Springfield crazy, awakens the dead.

In-game appearances Edit

The cola itself is used in several missions. The first mission in which the cola is needed to be collected is "Slithery Sleuthing", where it's the last clue that Snake Jailbird drops, referred to by Chief Wiggum as Snake's third strike - littering. Later, in "The Cola Wars" Marge has to collect cola cans.

Other than missions, the cola cans are seen on the glass billboards, which the player can destroy and earn 5 coins. Cola cans also appear in Level 6 on the Squidport, but rather as inflatable balloons.

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