The cPolice parked in front of a house in Level 1

The CPolice (stylized as cPolice) is an unusable vehicle in The Simpsons: Hit & Run. The vehicle makes an appearance in every level of the game, with the exception of Level 7. The player can not access this car without completing the game entirely and using the All Cars cheat.

Description Edit

The cPolice is a stereotypical American police car. Its appearance is almost identical to the Police Car, with subtle differences that set them apart. For example, the Police Car has a shiny black finish, while the cPolice is painted matte black. Second, the cPolice is slightly bigger, both in height and in width. Despite this, the cPolice's tail lights are smaller and don't glow. The cPolice also lacks an antenna that the Police Car can be seen with, on the back end of the car. Lastly, a police officer, although his name is unknown, is always driving the cPolice, while in some levels Chief Wiggum drives the Police Car. Like the Police Car, the car bears a strong resemblance to the real life 1983 Ford LTD Crown Victoria.

Appearances Edit

The cPolice is the car that chases the player during a Hit & Run, so it makes an appearance in every level (with the exception of Level 7). Besides this, the cPolice does make a few appearances in missions, replacing the Police Car for unknown reasons.

Trivia Edit

  • The cPolice is replaced with the Hearse to chase players during Hit & Run in Level 7.
  • Originally, the Chase Sedan was to replace the cPolice to chase players during Hit & Run during Level 6. This idea was scrapped for unknown reasons.
  • The policeman seen in the driver's seat of the vehicle bears a strong resemblance to Lou, but with yellow skin.
  • Even if the invincibility cheat is activated on all versions of the game, the cPolice cars during a Hit & Run will be the only damaging hazards/entities in the game able to damage the player's vehicle.

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