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Bart Simpson: Hey Nelson, how's work been?
Nelson Muntz: I'm not allowed to beat anyone when I'm on the job, that takes them getting used to. (starts the race) 3, 2, 1, BLOW!
(Bart wins the circuit race in Squidport)
Patty Bouvier: You're a regular Lance Murdoch, Bart. Without the full button cast, of course.
Bart Simpson: Give it time.

Failed AttemptsEdit

Transcript 1Edit

Patty: The annual of sucking doesn't fall far from the suck-tory, doesn't it?

Transcript 2Edit

Patty: Come on, Bart. Even Milhouse could do better than that.
Bart Simpson: Oh, that hurts.
Milhouse Van Houten: I can hear you!
Selma: Yeah, I know.

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