Chief Wiggum
Chief Wiggum - Level 2

Chief Wiggum in Level 2

Commissioner "Clancy" Wiggum, also known as Chief Wiggum or simply Wiggum is a character from the Simpsons television series who appears in the game The Simpsons: Hit & Run.


In the second level, Bart goes around Springfield looking for fireworks and collects them from Otto, Moe, Snake and Ralph Wiggum, but Ralph tells Bart that his dad is going to arrest him for collecting fireworks and Chief Wiggum chases after Bart trying to arrest him, but Bart luckily escapes with the fireworks. Later on, Professor Frink wants Bart to help him find pieces for his newest invention, the "Truckasaurus" and he tells Bart to get a WWII radio, so Bart drives to Herman's Military Antiques and finds Chief Wiggum there who tells Bart that Herman has been robbed and he asks Bart if he knows who did it, but Bart doesn't know himself, but Bart later finds out that Snake is responsible for robbing Herman as he has the WWII radio, Snake refuses to give Bart the radio unless they have a race in which Bart wins and receives the radio.

In the third level, Lisa asks Chief Wiggum if he knows where Bart is, but Chief Wiggum doesn't have time as he's trying to give three strikes on Snake so he can put him back into the cell he belongs, Lisa and Wiggum collect all the items that Snake drops. Afterwards, Chief Wiggum tells Lisa that he has heard many mysterious government types over at the docks at the Squidport.

In the fourth level, Marge is concerned about all the mysterious stuff going on around Springfield and Bart being unable to talk after his abduction and decides to talk to the police, so she follows Chief Wiggum to Lard Lad Donuts, when they get there, Marge asks Wiggum if he knows anything about mysterious crop circles happening, but Wiggum wants a donut as the Lard Lad Donut Shop is closed, so Marge goes out and rams into a Donut Truck and collects 10 donuts. Afterwards, she returns to Lard Lad and gives Chief Wiggum the donuts, Chief Wiggum finally tells Marge that the crop circle is at Cletus' shack. Later on, Marge finds Hans Moleman in the cemetery hiding from the police and he wants Marge to get to the Retirement Castle before the police arrive and close the doors, Marge races Chief Wiggum to the Retirement Castle and wins. A while later, Marge destroys all the Cola Vans in Springfield, but when she does, Chief Wiggum finds out that Marge has took his precious cola and tries to chase her down, but Marge luckily reaches her home.

In the fifth level, Apu wants to know who is selling the Buzz Cola and goes to the Krusty Burger by the construction site and asks Krusty if he knows anything, but he doesn't and he suggests that Apu should follow a police officer and change outfits so he looks like a proper American, Apu changes outfits and follows a trail of donuts to the police station where Chief Wiggum is, Apu follows Wiggum until he ends up at the DMV. Later on when Snake and Apu destroy an Armored Truck and drive to Snake's hideout, they encounter Chief Wiggum who chases after them, but are able to escape.

In the sixth level, Bart is looking for a wheelman and finds Snake who agrees to be his wheelman only if he does a few loose ends for him, such as destroy Chief Wiggum's police car and giving him a gun, so Bart destroys Wiggum's car and collects the gun and gives it to Snake who then wants Bart to destroy a Milk Truck when he hears that Fat Tony is paying money to anyone who destroys one.

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