Chief Wiggum
Chief Wiggum - Level 2

Chief Wiggum in Level 2

Commissioner "Clancy" Wiggum, also known as Chief Wiggum or simply Wiggum is a non-playable character in the game The Simpsons: Hit & Run. He is the chief of the Springfield Police Department (hence the name) and is mostly involved in the plot of the game.

Roles & AppearancesEdit

Chief Wiggum has made several appearances in the game, mostly because of the game's crime-themed atmosphere, he tries to chase down Bart, Marge and Apu, helps Lisa find three strikes on Snake, gives Marge a clue about the crop circles and also is followed by Apu to receive information about the Cola Trucks. He can also be heard in Level 1 if the player rings the doorbell of Lard Lad Donuts and also appears in Level 7 walking around the front of the Wiggum house. The following list contains all of Chief Wiggum's appearances in missions, whether essential to the plot or not.

Level 2Edit

  • Weapons of Mass Delinquency - Bart goes around Springfield looking for fireworks and collects them from various Springfielders and then from Ralph, who tells Bart his dad wants to arrest him, Bart luckily manages to escape Chief Wiggum.
  • Bart 'n' Frink - When Frink wants Bart to help him with his latest invention and Bart goes to Herman's Military Antiques to find a WWII radio, but he is informed by Wiggum that Herman had been robbed, and Bart must find the person responsible.

Level 3Edit

  • Slithery Sleuthing (Boss) - Lisa asks Chief Wiggum if he can help find her brother, but he is too busy trying to find three strikes on Snake and put him back into the cell he belongs, Chief Wiggum and Lisa then set off and follow Snake while collecting three pieces of evidence. After they arrive back at Mr. Burns' Casino, Wiggum tells Lisa that Bart may be at the Squidport as he's found many mysterious government types, who may have sent him on a cruise.

Level 4Edit

  • For A Few Donuts More (Boss) - Marge is concerned about all the mysterious things happening around Springfield and Bart's abduction, she decides to receive info from the police, and follows Chief Wiggum to Lard Lad Donuts, though he is desperate for a donut as the donut store has been closed. Marge collects donuts from a Donut Truck and returns to Wiggum, who tells Marge that the crop circle is over at Cletus' shack.
  • Return of the Nearly-Dead - When Cletus tells Marge to ask other Springfield citizens for help, she asks Hans Moleman in the graveyard for help, but he is hiding from the police as he is being thrown in jail, Marge races Chief Wiggum to the Retirement Castle before he closes the doors.
  • From Outer Space - Marge wants to get rid of the Buzz Cola, because of what it did to Bart and destroys several Cola Trucks around Springfield, but as she is heading back home, she gets chased down by Chief Wiggum, who is angry that his precious cola is gone, Marge however luckily manages to get home.

Level 5Edit

  • This Little Piggy - Following the events of the previous level, Apu goes around and asks Springfield citizens for information on the Buzz Cola, he finds Krusty at the Krusty Burger by the construction site and asks him for info, Krusty suggests that he should follow a cop and dress more American-like. Apu changes clothes and follows a trail of donuts leading to the police station where Chief Wiggum, Apu follows Wiggum who leads him to the DMV.
  • Kwik Cash - Apu finds out that Snake lied to him about his community service, but he has info and wants a little more help with his community service, Snake and Apu drive to the Googoplex Theater where an Armored Truck is and destroy it, they then drive to Snake's hideout while avoiding Chief Wiggum.

Level 6Edit

  • Milking the Pigs - Bart wants Snake to be his wheelman, but Snake will only be his wheelman until he helps him with some loose ends, he demands Bart to destroy Chief Wiggum's Police Car, which he goes out and does so, while collecting a gun for Snake and then destroys a Milk Truck also under Snake's orders.