Coin box

Cola Crates and Vending Machines are items that appear in various locations in each level. Cola Crates hold 30 coins, while Vending Machines hold 15 coins (you also get an additional coin which is the cause of raising Hit & Run meter, so you get 31 coins for cola crates, while 16 for vending machines). The player can get coins from them by attacking them. When you kick them 10 coins come out. You usually have to kick them 3 times to break them.

They are found all over the map in back gardens and outside buildings such as the Krustylu Studio's backstage and the ruins of the Power Plant.

In Level 5, the player must be careful when smashing cola crates because for some reason, the first kick only causes one coin to come out instead of 10. It is recommended to use the double jump attack instead to smash the crate to make all 31 coins come out from it or use a car to destroy it, it is much better to get coins that way.

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