Comic Book Guy
Comic Book Guy - Level 2

Comic Book Guy in Level 2

Jeffrey Albertson, better known as Comic Book Guy, is a non-playable character who appears in the game, The Simpsons: Hit & Run. He owns a comic book store located in the Springfield Town Square and often attracts the protagonists on various occasions in the game.

Roles & AppearancesEdit

Comic Book Guy makes a few appearances in the game's missions. In Levels 2 and 3, he wants the player to assist him in racing a nerd to a certain location (the Java Server in Level 2 and the Squidport in Level 3). He also appears in Level 6 inside the Android's Dungeon, but he does not play a role in the aforementioned level. The following list contains all of Comic Book Guy's appearances, whether essential to the plot or not.

Level 2Edit

  • Vox Nerduli (Boss) - Bart asks Comic Book Guy if he has a copy of "Bonestorm II", but he wants to get to the Java Server before a nerd does, so he can be the first to search up the new McBain film on the internet. Bart and Comic Book Guy race the nerd to the café and once they get there, Comic Book Guy tells Bart that Professor Frink has bought up all the remaining videogames.

Level 3Edit

  • Nerd Race Queen (Boss) - Lisa asks Comic Book Guy if he has seen Bart, but he is desperate to receive the last copy of the new "Itchy & Scratchy Adventures" comic before a nerd. Lisa and Comic Book Guy race the same nerd from previously to the Itchy & Scratchy store and return to the Android's Dungeon before the comic deteriorates. Upon arriving, Comic Book Guy tells Lisa that he thought he saw Bart at the Noiseland Arcade.

Level 4Edit

  • Beached Love (Boss) - Marge comes across Comic Book Guy, who has sent gifts to Agnes to take her on a date, but her son keeps intercepting them and hides them at school. Comic Book Guy can't go and get them back, as he is "not a terribly mobile person". Marge goes over to Springfield Elementary, finds all the gifts and returns them to Comic Book Guy, who then gives her his phone number, should she ever use his car.

Level 7Edit

  • Long Black Probes (Boss) - Homer encounters Comic Book Guy in the school playground, where he explains to Homer that the alien craft has a tractor beam to suck up trespassers and the black car parked underneath the ship is an advanced probe. He recommends that Homer should obtain a Zombie Car in order to follow the Ferrini safely.


Level 2Edit