Ferrini - Black
Black Ferrari Model

The Ferrini - Black is an unusable car in The Simpsons: Hit & Run. The vehicle plays an important role in Level 7 as a probe for the aliens. The player can not access this car without completing the game entirely and using the All Cars cheat.

Description Edit

The Ferrini - Black is a black sports car with blue tinted windows and its engine in the back of the vehicle. Its model is identical to the Ferrini that Bart drives in Level 6; with the exception of a closed roof on the black version. The car is one of the fastest in the game, and is immensely powerful: if the player hits a vehicle for the first time with one good hit, the opposing vehicle will immediately emit black smoke. The car bears a strong resemblance to the real life Ferrari 308 GTS/GTB.

Appearances Edit

The Ferrini - Black is featured prominently in Level 7. It is first seen by the player in Long Black Probes. In the mission, the player must follow the vehicle in order to find out what the aliens are planning. The car leads to the power plant, which is strange as the power plant contains the alien's weakness: nuclear waste. Despite this, the aliens don't make an effort to intercept the player until Alien "Auto"topsy Part II and Part III.

Trivia Edit

  • The player can not drive the Ferrini - Black unless they completely beat the game. After this, the player must use the All Cars cheat to access the vehicle. Once the player activates the cheat, the player may access it via phone booths in any level, at any time.
  • A human appears to be driving the vehicle, but as Comic Book Guy described, it is an alien probe for Kang and Kodos, and thus the driver of the vehicle is probably either a traitor, a brainwashed abductee, or an alien in disguise.
  • While driving the Ferrini - Black, the player can drive through the tractor beam completely unaffected. This is probably due to certain lines of coding that weren't erased from the Ferrini - Black's code. Whether this was intentional or not is unknown.

Gallery Edit

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