Fishy Deals
Level 3
Type Collect (Save)
Previous Slithery Sleuthing
Next The Old Pirate and the Sea

Fishy Deals is a mission in The Simpsons: Hit & Run and is the sixth mission on the third level where the player has to Collect items.

Summary Edit

Start the mission by driving to "Captain McAllister's Chum 'n' Stuff" and speak to the old sea captain. He'll ask you to collect a number of fish for him and he'll tell you where he think Bart may be.

For the mission, just follow the path of fishes, collecting each of them by running into them. You can't miss more than three of them so you'd need to have a fast Road Vehicles to complete it.

Music Edit

Fishy Deals is one of only two missions in the game to use the same music that the player would hear while casually driving; the other being Rigor Motors. As such, the player hears the same jazzy music that the player would normally hear between missions.

The Simpsons Hit and Run Soundtrack - Level 3

A failure fanfare will play upon failing the mission:

The Simpsons Hit and Run Soundtrack - Fishy Deals - Mission Failed

A success fanfare will play upon completing the mission:

The Simpsons Hit and Run Soundtrack - Fishy Deals - Mission Passed


  • In the mission, the player would have to collect 22 fish, but in the level's m6i file in the game files, there is an unused 23rd fish. Re-enabling it causes the unused fish to appear on the pier in front of the C. Spanker. The fish counter is also updated from 22 to 23 in order to accommodate for the extra fish.
  • Each of the fish have 3 eyes, which is a reference to the 3-eyed fish named Blinky from the original Simpsons show.


Lisa: Chief Wiggum said that there were strange stuff going on around here. Have you noticed anything weird? You know, black sedans, guys with dark glasses?

Captain McCallister: Yargh, maybe I seen something, and maybe I haven't. Render me a favour and it might jar me memory. Ha-ha!

Lisa: What favour?

Captain McCallister: I've got a shipment here of live mackerel. Can ye navigate the fishies to the finest restaurants in the Squidport?

Lisa: Those poor fish! I mean, sure I'll help.

(Lisa gets in her car and sets the fish free)

As Lisa collects the fish and sets them free, she will say these lines:

  • One fish delivered to a happy home!
  • Have a good life!
  • Run free! No, wait, SWIM free!
  • Next time, watch out for nets, dummy!
  • May your days be filled with hook-free worms!
  • Plenty of good living here!
  • Savor your freedom, my cold-blooded friends!
  • Swim, swim like the wind!
  • Now you'll never be fried and served with tartar sauce!
  • Return to the wild!

(Lisa sets all of the fish free)

Lisa: Well, that's that. Now, maybe that two-bit ahab will tell me what he knows.

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