Full Metal Jackass is the fifth mission of Level 6. At this point in the game, the bombshell of Kang and Kodos' plot is about to unfold, but one more obstacle stands in the way of Bart: his school's principal.


Bart passes by Principal Skinner and shows him the laser gun, hurriedly explaining the aliens' plot to wreak havoc on Springfield. Skinner completely disregards Bart's story and confiscates the laser gun, believing that Bart forgot that lasers are banned from his school. He takes off with the weapon, and Bart has to destroy Skinner's sedan to retrieve it.


Bart Simpson: Principal Skinner! Aliens are distributing deadly lasers all over Springfield! We gotta warn everybody!

Seymour Skinner: All we've got to do, young man, is get that illicit gewgaw out of your hands. Clearly you forgot the school's zero-tolerance policy on lasers.

(Bart goes after Skinner and recovers the laser gun)

Bart Simpson: Now to show the proof to Krusty. And if he doesn't believe me now, I'll fry his butt.


  • The mission's name is a nod to 1987 war film Full Metal Jacket.
    • The movie follows a platoon of U.S. Marines being trained to fight in the Vietnam War, in which Skinner fought in.

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