Honor Roller
Honor Roller
Level Level 2
Unlock Starting Vehicle
Vehicle Stats
Speed FullstarFullstar
Acceleration FullstarFullstar
Toughness FullstarHalfstar
Handling FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarFullstar

The Honor Roller is an unlockable vehicle in The Simpsons: Hit & Run. Like all other player owned cars this vehicle may be accessed via phone booths at any time, on any level.

Like most starting cars, the car is slow, but is faster than the car before it, the Family Sedan.

Like all other player owned cars this vehicle can be called up via a phone booth at any time, on any level.

Information Edit

Honor Roller is a vehicle that the player gains during level 2 as it is the vehicle that Bart starts with. Its speed is pretty slow but it can really turn though corners. Bart appears in this car only in Level 7.


  • The car also appeared in "Saturdays of Thunder" in the main show, where Martin had owned it and gave it to Bart.
  • Level 7 is the only level where Bart drives the Honor Roller, and thus is the only time the backseat is occupied.

Gallery Edit

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