Kang and Kodos Strike Back
Level 6
Type Race
Previous Set to Kill
Next Rigor Motors

Kang and Kodos Strike Back is the final mission of Level 6. In this mission, Homer and Bart work together to get to the Duff Brewery before the aliens can escape. Completing this mission unlocks the final level, Level 7.


After Bart destroys all of the laser gun stands, he heads over to the Krusty Burger by The Android's Dungeon to tell Homer about the alien plot. Homer is outraged at Duff, calling it their biggest disgrace since Duff Ice. He decides to use his secret weapon: his old sports car. Bart and Homer race the Chase Sedan to the Duff Brewery before they escape, only to discover Kang and Kodos waiting for them. The aliens reveal that the cola is spreading throughout Springfield's water supply and that it will awaken the dead, causing the ratings of their show to skyrocket.

Music Edit

To set the mood of a classic 1970's car chase, a disco-era track is played throughout the mission.

The Simpsons Hit and Run Soundtrack - Kang and Kodos Strike Back


Bart Simpson: Dad, the aliens have taken over the Duff Brewery and they're using it to store laser guns. Ohh, never in my life have I had to do so much explaining.

Homer Simpson: What? This is Duff's worst disgrace since Duff Ice! It's time to use my secret weapon! Remember when I told you I sold my old car so you could go to college?

Bart Simpson: Yeah.

Homer Simpson: It was a lie.

Bart Simpson: Hahaha, yay, tough luck Sworthmore!


Bart & Homer arrive at the Duff Brewery and hear Kang & Kodos's evil plan.


(Bart and Homer drive to the Duff Brewery as Kang and Kodos emerge from the pit)

Kang: The lasers were only the beginning!

Kodos: Even now, our all purpose evil cola is spreading underground through your water supply. It will wake the dead! Zombies will rise from the grave and devour the living!

Kang: And our ratings will rise! Rise! To levels unseen since the heyday of Evening Shade.

Kang and Kodos: (Both laugh as they fly away)

Bart Simpson: Oh, man, that sounds cool! (Homer looks at him) I mean, oh no I hope their plan fails. Who am I kidding, zombies eating brains? Ohho, this is gonna rock!

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Trivia Edit

  • After the Chase Sedan makes several appearances in the game, this mission solidifies the fact that aliens are driving it. However, during Level 7 a new black car takes its place as the alien car.
  • The instructions for the mission say that the player must race the aliens before they escape; however, when the player reaches the Duff Brewery Kang and Kodos are already in the process of retreating. Unless there were other aliens in the cars besides Kang and Kodos, this doesn't make any sense.