Level Level 4
Unlock Bonus Mission
Vehicle Stats
Speed FullstarFullstarHalfstar
Acceleration FullstarFullstar
Toughness FullstarFullstarFullstar
Handling FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstar

The Kremlin is an unlockable vehicle in The Simpsons: Hit & Run. Like all other player owned cars this vehicle may be accessed via phone booths at any time, on any level.


The Kremlin is a geometric green coupe with a hubcap missing on the front left wheel. The inside of the car is stuffed with comic memorabilia. In Levels 1, 4 and 5, Comic Book Guy occupies the driver's seat. The car bears a strong resemblance to the real life 1974 AMC Gremlin.

Mission AppearancesEdit

Level 2Edit

Level 3Edit


  • Despite the Kremlin sharing the name of the presidential residence in Russia and previously the Soviet Union, the name of the car more likely derives its name from the car it's based off of, the AMC Gremlin.