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Level 2 is the second level of The Simpsons: Hit & Run. It takes place on October 26, with the player taking on the role of Bart as the level's protagonist.

Level 2 takes place in downtown Springfield. In this level, Bart tries to satisfy his need for violence and destruction. His escapades include Bonestorm II, fireworks, and Professor Frink's Truckasaurus.

Plot Edit

Level 2 opens with Bart skipping school in downtown Springfield. He is desperately trying to obtain a copy of Bonestorm II, but due to Marge destroying most of the copies of the game, his search is unsuccessful. He tries a brief stint with illegal fireworks, but they still fail to satisfy Bart. After learning that Frink is using Bonestorm II's violence to power his Truckasaurus, Bart spends the second half of the Level bringing together the last parts needed to get the robot fully operational.

Appearance Edit

Level 2 takes place in the more urbanized portion of Springfield. One third of the map is dominated by the downtown side, while another is in the process of being constructed, and the last third is exclusively highway. All three parts have, in some way or another, are unfinished or damaged. Notable locations downtown include the Googolplex, the Monorail, the museum, the hospital, and the stadium. The east side includes the construction site, Moe's Tavern, the train station, Try-n-Save, and the DMV. The highway part of the map splits into three parts. The main road follows a "U" pattern, a side highway that is nearly finished but falls short over the main road, and two splinter roads that start and end shortly after the beginning and end of the main road.


The music for Level 2 is composed much like a rock band would compose a song: a crunchy, distorted guitar dominates, while a slick bass line and loud drums complement the guitar. The track is also used in Level 6.

The Simpsons Hit and Run Soundtrack - Levels 2 and 6

Missions Edit

  1. Detention Deficit Disorder
  2. Weapons of Mass Delinquency
  3. Vox Nerduli
  4. Bart 'n' Frink
  5. Better Than Beef
  6. Monkey See Monkey D'oh
  7. Cell-Outs

Vehicles Edit

Gags Edit

Main Article: gags#Level 2

  1. Catapult in town square.
  2. Cement mixing truck near construction building.
  3. Pickled egg jar in Moe's Tavern.
  4. Slot machine in Moe's Tavern.
  5. Love Tester in Moe's Tavern.
  6. Light up drinks in Moe's Tavern.
  7. Rat's milk machine, roof near Moe's Tavern (fire escape).
  8. Take a photograph of Hans Moleman at the DMV.
  9. Quarter car in Try-N-Save parking lot.
  10. Missile behind Herman's Military Antiques.
  11. Dumpster behind Krusty Burger (near police station).

Cards Edit

Main article: Level 2 Collector Cards

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only level that, relatively, does not contribute to the rest of the game's plot, except for the cutscene at the end of Level 2.
  • In several prerelease screenshots of the level and in the E3 demo of the game, the sky in the level was more cloudier and had rays of light shining from the sky.


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