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For general information on cards, see Collector Cards.

Collector cards are cards that can be found in each level of The Simpsons: Hit & Run. Each level contains seven cards, and each card references an episode of The Simpsons. This is a list of collector cards in Level 2.

Head of Jebediah Edit

Head of Jebediah Springfield
  • Description: Trying to impress some older kids, Bart cuts the head off the statue commemorating the town's founder.
  • Episode: The Telltale Head
  • Location: On top of Jebediah Springfield's statue.

AM Radio Toy Edit

AM Radio Toy
  • Description: What initially seemed like another lame present from Homer is put to good use by Bart when he uses it to fool the entire town into thinking that a kid is trapped at the bottom of a well.
  • Episode: Radio Bart
  • Location: On the rooftop of a small building, near the hospital.

Bonestorm Game Edit

Bonestorm game
  • Description: Bart wanted this game so bad, he almost ended up doing hard time.
  • Episode: Marge Be Not Proud
  • Location: Legitimate Businessman's Social Club rooftop.

Big Butt Skinner Edit

Big Butt Skinner
  • Description: Almost known as "Buttzilla", this ordinary weather balloon was vandalized by Bart to resemble Prinicipal Skinner.
  • Episode: Bart's Comet
  • Location: Found on a table in the car wash.

Mr. Honeybunny Edit

Mr. Honneybunny
  • Description: Bart's beloved childhood doll, with head removed, used as Lisa's good luck charm during the big hockey game.
  • Episode: Lisa on Ice
  • Location: Found on top of a train wagon.

Drivers License Edit

Drivers License
  • Description: Fake, of course. Obviously Bart is too young to drive.
  • Episode: Bart on the Road
  • Location: Inside an alley at the Krusty Burger near down town.

Pregnancy Test Edit

Pregnancy Test
  • Description: One of the countless products receiving the Krusty Brand Seal of Approval. May cause birth defects.
  • Episode: I Love Lisa
  • Location: On top of a fountain at the stadium.

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