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Level 3 is the third level of The Simpsons: Hit & Run. It takes place on October 27, with the player taking on the role of Lisa as the level's protagonist.

Level 3 takes place in the harbor area of Springfield and focuses on finding Bart. Despite the severity of the situation, Lisa is sidetracked by nuisances within Springfield several times.

Plot Edit

After the events of Level 2's cutscene, Bart has been declared missing and the hunt is on. Lisa, Bart's younger sister, has taken it upon herself to personally find Bart. She runs across town looking for any information about Bart's location, but her efforts are in vain until she consults Captain McAllister.

Appearance Edit

Level 3 is the last unique level in the main game. It takes place at the beach-side part of Springfield during sunset, is the last level to take place during the day, and is the first level to incorporate vehicle headlights. The map includes locations found in the show such as The Android's Dungeon, Barney's Bowalarama, the Aztec Theater, and of course, Krusty Burgers. Notable locations in Level 3 include the Squidport, the Burns Casino, the observatory, and the Duff Brewery. Lastly, half of the map is dominated by freeway and forest, and includes a smaller part of town, including the observatory, Kamp Krusty, a massive, destroyed bridge, and The Android's Dungeon, while the other half is dominated by the ocean, and includes the Squidport, the Burns Casino, the larger part of town, the C-Spanker, and the Duff Brewery.


The Simpsons Hit and Run Soundtrack - Level 3

Missions Edit

  1. Nerd Race Queen
  2. Clueless
  3. Bonfire of the Manatees
  4. Operation Hellfish
  5. Slithery Sleuthing
  6. Fishy Deals
  7. The Old Pirate and the Sea

Vehicles Edit

Cards Edit

Main article: Level 3 Collector Cards


  • This is the first level of the game not to take place in daytime. Instead, the level takes place at dusk.
  • This level, along with Level 4 are the only levels in the game where Homer has no role in the main story, as he only appears in the two levels as an optional driver for both his Family Sedan and 70's Sports Car.
  • This map includes the Burns Casino, which is strange considering the casino was burned to the ground in the show, although it is likely that the game would've taken place sometime before the casino was burned down.


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