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Level 7 is the seventh and final level of The Simpsons: Hit & Run. It takes place on October 31, with the player reprising their role as Homer.

Level 7 marks the largest change in map design the game sees; Springfield has become infested with zombies, its water supply has been completely replaced with Buzz Cola, and the aliens have left their mark on the town.

Plot Edit

Level 7 takes place on October 31, on Halloween night. With aliens invading Springfield and Buzz Cola in the water supply, bringing the dead from their graves, the level is a breeding ground for spookiness. Homer must stop the aliens from destroying the human race. He is informed of nuclear waste, the aliens' weakness, and must deliver as much of it as possible before it's too late for humanity.

Appearance Edit

Level 7 is set at Evergreen Terrace once again and reuses the same map that Level 1 and Level 4 use; however, while Level 1 can be seen as the "stock" map and Level 4 can be seen as an extension, Level 7 is more of a restricted version of Level 1 and has several changes than the previous two levels such as the rich side of Springfield being closed off from the player at both the drawbridge by the school and the nuclear power plant as part of the drawbridge has been damaged, so have the piers going down the drawbridge at both ends of it and the ground seen under the bridge has gone (it is possible that the floor had been sunk into the colafied water). Also, a large part of the rich side is cut off. This could be because Mr. Burns used his power and wealth to seal off the wealthy part of Springfield so none of the dead could enter the part of land and the First Church of Springfield has been destroyed, possibly due to the zombie invasion. In addition, the 939 and 636 Area Code signs have been changed to advertise a Zombie radio station, the river separating the trailer park from the suburbs has been changed from water to blood, and the tomacco field is now a pumpkin patch.

The whole level is designed in a Halloween theme, as the newspaper that is sold on this level is dated October 31st. Notable changes to the environment include Krusty Burgers being changed to "Zombie Burgers", the Kwik-E-Mart becoming the "Spook-E-Mart", the Evergreen Terrace sign saying "Zombie Terrace", Flanders' House has a fencing propped up in the frontyard with a sign saying "No Pagans" possibly to stop zombies from entering Flanders' frontyard, the blue house with the shortcut near the Simpsons House reading graffiti inspirations saying "No T.V. make Homer go crazy", the school decorated as a castle (it is now Springwart's School of Magicry), civilian cars replaced with hearses, coffin carts, witches, and ghost ships, the grass becoming darker, jack-o-lanterns being in every corner of the level (the grill in the Simpson's backyard is missing and has been replaced with a jack-o-lantern) and several homes have Halloween decorations out front. In addition, the trees have lost their leaves, several ghosts, witches, and spiders can be found throughout Springfield, and the statue above the Lard Lads Donuts building now lights up and moves its left arm and face around, even opening and closing its mouth in the process.

Nuclear Plant-Level 7

The second spacecraft embedded in the wreckage of the power plant

One major, physical change to the level is the addition of alien spacecrafts. They are both located at opposite ends of the map and play different roles in the level. The spaceship at the school playground hovers over the baseball field and sucks up any trespassing vehicles. This plays a crucial role through the middle and later part of the level's main missions. The other spaceship is wedged into the power plant, exposing the interior via a break room of sorts. The player has access to the highest level of the plant, but not much of interest is found other than multiple Cola Crates and Vending Machines. The destroyed power plant is the focal point of the fourth mission.

The last notable change is the opening of the graveyard. In Levels 1 and 4, the player would have to drive around the gated portion of the graveyard, with the best shortcuts sending the player into either the Krusty Burger by the bridge of into a swath of pedestrians and vehicles. In Level 7, the gates are opened, due to the zombie apocalypse, and provide a valuable shortcut that every mission in the level makes use of. The said graveyard also has a river underneath the gap that allows for a platforming section on foot.

Also, a lot of sounds/music that were heard in Levels 1 and 4 have been changed in Level 7 to Halloween-themed ones, these being the music that plays in the Kwik-E-Mart, which if the player enters the building, they will hear a very spooky song playing and also if the player goes into the barn near the Tomacco field, the cows' mooing sounds more lower in pitch and more spookier than in Levels 1 and 4, and the 7 level opening music is played by a pipe organ. Also, if the player goes into the playgrounds near the Simpsons House and at the school, they will hear Bart, Lisa, Milhouse, Ralph, Nelson, Agnes Skinner and the kids from Levels 1-6's voices, despite the fact that none of these kids appear in the playgrounds themselves.

Music Edit

The music for Level 7 uses a Halloween-themed orchestral track that makes use of a theremin, an electronic instrument that uses electric signals concluded from the distance of the user's hands from its antennae:

The Simpsons Hit and Run Soundtrack - Level 7

Although, on the GameCube version, the music has a hard-to-hear guitar midway that was amplified in other releases, this issue was later fixed:

SimpsonsHnR halloween music GC

The following are sound cues that play while the player is on foot: File:The Simpsons Hit and Run Soundtrack - Level 7 Ambience.ogg

Missions Edit

  1. Rigor Motors
  2. Long Black Probes
  3. Pocket Protector
  4. There's Something About Monty
  5. Alien "Auto"topsy Part I
  6. Alien "Auto"topsy Part II
  7. Alien "Auto"topsy Part III

Vehicles Edit

Cards Edit

Main article: Level 7 Collector Cards

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only level of the game where Apu has no part in the story line, and therefore only in this level he drives his Longhorn when accessed via phone booth.
    • This is also the only level where Bart doesn't make an appearance (if counting his appearance in the tutorial for Level 1) as he drives both his Honor Roller and Ferrini when accessed via phone booth.
  • When the player talks to the zombie running the checkpoint race, Homer says to the zombie "...let's do this! And get back to trying to kill each other." Despite this, there is no evidence in game that the zombies attack humans, or vice versa. In fact, the zombies throughout the level behave as normal pedestrians, even talking to fellow zombies, and do not treat the humans walking around the level unusually at all.
  • In the beta of the game, the level was entirely different. This can be seen in the final cutscene of the game around the area of the school:
    • The glass panel to the northeast of the school has an entirely different insignia than the one in the game; It features orange wording alongside Krusty's face.
    • The playground area appears to be missing.
    • The broken-down school bus inside the sandpit is missing. However, this is most likely because the school bus was not originally intended to be located in the sandpit.
    • The school's original colors (orange and purple) appear to be more noticeable than in the final game.
    • The colour of the house surrounding the prison is blue instead of pink while the houses near the baseball pitch appear to be a lighter orange (with one being lavender) than in the final game.
    • The basketball pitch is missing and is replaced with a smooth green hill with a grey path.
  • The level has several unused music files. For example:
    • If the player exits the game's boundaries at the nuclear power plant, they will hear the unused Level 7 version of the Stonecutters Tunnel theme if the player stands in the spot where the tunnel was in Levels 1 and 4.
    • Another example is in front of where Mr. Burns' Mansion would be; the player will hear Halloween-themed celebration music, meaning that the Stonecutters Tunnel, along with the rich side of Springfield were meant to be accessible in Level 7, but were cut off entirely.
    • Another example is in the files of the game. There is a Halloween-sounding song that was meant to play on the rooftop of the Kwik-E-Mart replacing the music heard on the rooftop in Levels 1 and 4, but this music doesn't play on the rooftop in the final.
  • If the player exits the game's boundaries at the power plant, the sounds that can be heard in the Power Plant interior in Levels 1 and 4 can be heard, the same applies room for the room where nuclear waste falls from the pipes into the nuclear lake, the sounds that can be when the waste falls from the pipes into the lake in Levels 1 and 4 can also be heard.
  • There are folders in the game's files that include Level 8 and 9. However, there is no information in them. Some players have speculated that the game was meant to include a level with all three maps combined (Suburbs, Downtown, and Squidport), but was cut for unknown reasons.

Gallery Edit

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