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For general information on cards, see Collector Cards.

Collector cards are cards that can be found in each level of The Simpsons: Hit & Run. Each level contains seven cards, and each card references an episode of The Simpsons, and in this level in particular, Treehouse of Horror episodes. This is a list of collector cards in Level 7.

Soul Donut Edit

Soul Donut
  • Description: When Homer runs out of donuts at work, he sells his soul to Devil Flanders for a tasty donut.
  • Episode: The Devil and Homer Simpson
  • Location: On top of a bomb shelter in Flanders' back garden.

Evil Krusty Doll Edit

Evil Krusty Doll
  • Description: This talking doll was bent on murdering Homer, until the repairman was called in to set its switch to "good" instead of "evil."
  • Episode: Clown Without Pity
  • Location: On top of a slide at the playground in Evergreen Terrace.

Human Cookbook Edit

Human Cookbook
  • Description: The cookbook used by Kodos to prepare fried shrimp for Lisa, sloppy Joe's for Bart, pork chops for Homer, and radish rosettes for Marge.
  • Episode: Hungry are the Damned
  • Location: On top of a slide in the Elementary School playground.

Time Travel Toaster Edit

Time Travel Toaster
  • Description: Homer accidently turned his toaster into a time machine; thus doing irreparable harm to the space-time continuum.
  • Episode: Time and Punishment
  • Location: On Lard Lad's shoulder.

Hell Toupee Edit

Hell Toupee
  • Description: After Snake's execution, his body was carved up for organs and Homer got Snakes hair transplanted onto his head.
  • Episode: Hell Toupée
  • Location: On a sinking chest in the cemetery.

Monkey's Paw Edit

Monkey's Paw
  • Description: A cursed "Monkey's Paw" sold to Homer by the former President of Algeria.
  • Location: Floating near a storage cylinder at a small barn near the Power Plant.

Smarch Calendar Edit

Smarch Calendar
  • Description: Willie died on the thirteenth hour, of the thirteenth day, of the thirteenth month at a PTA meeting in Springfield Elementary--according to the school's calendar.
  • Episode: Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace
  • Location: In Mr. Burns' office.

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