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Level progress screen

The Level Progress Screen, found via the pause menu, is a screen which calculates what percentage of the current level the player has completed so far.The player needs to complete all the tasks on the list in order to get 100% of the level completed.

The values Edit

  • Story Missions - The player must complete all 7 mission on the level without skipping them.
  • Bonus Mission - The player must complete the Bonus mission.
  • Street races - The player must complete all three Street Races.
  • Collector Cards - The player must find all 7 cards on that level.
  • Character clothing - The player must buy all the available Character Costumes.
  • Vehicles - The player must buy and win all the vehicles on that level.
  • Wasp Cameras - The player must find, fight and destroy all 20 Wasp Cameras in the level.
  • Gags - The player must find and play all the Gags that are hidden throughout that level.

Notes Edit

  • The player will need to collect Coins in order to buy Clothing and Vehicles.
  • They will get small amounts of coins for destroying Wasp Cameras.
  • They will also get coins from activating gags.

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