...and Baby Makes 836 Stutz Bearcat70's Sports Car
ATVAlien "Auto"topsy Part IAlien "Auto"topsy Part II
Alien "Auto"topsy Part IIIApu NahasapeemapetilonArmored Truck
BanditBarney GumbleBart 'n' Frink
Bart SimpsonBeached LoveBetter Than Beef
Blind Big BrotherBonestorm StormBonfire of the Manatees
Bonus MissionsBook Burning VanBuzz Cola
CPoliceCanyoneroCar Built For Homer
Casino Circuit RaceCell-OutsCharacter Costumes
Chase SedanCheatsChief Wiggum
Clown CarCluelessCoins
Cola Crates and Vending MachinesCola TruckCollector Cards
Colonel HomerComic Book GuyCurator
Curious CuratorDetention Deficit DisorderDial B for Blood
Docks Time Trial RaceDonut TruckDuff Truck
Duff for Me, Duff for YouEaster EggsEight is Too Much
El Carro LocoElectaurusEntertainment Commercial Checkpoint Race
Entertainment District Time TrialFamily SedanFerrini - Black
Ferrini - RedFire TruckFishy Deals
Flaming TiresFlowers By IreneFor A Few Donuts More
From Outer SpaceFull Metal JackassGags
Getting Down with the ClownGil GundersonGlobex Super Villain Car
Going to the Lu'GrampaHearse
Hillside Area Circuit RaceHit & RunHomer Simpson
Honor RollerHover BikeHover Car
Important locations in Level 3Incriminating CaffeineKang and Kodos
Kang and Kodos Strike BackKetchup LogicKinky Frinky
Knight BoatKremlinKrusty's Limo
Krusty BurgerKwik CashLab Coat Caper
Level 1Level 1 Collector CardsLevel 2
Level 2 Collector CardsLevel 3Level 3 Collector Cards
Level 4Level 4 Collector CardsLevel 5
Level 5 Collector CardsLevel 6Level 6 Collector Cards
Level 7Level 7 Collector CardsLevel 7 sounds
Level progress screenLevelsLimo
Lisa SimpsonLong Black ProbesLonghorn
Malibu Stacy CarMansion and Nuclear Power Plant Time Trial RaceMarge Simpson
Milk TruckMilking the PigsMissions
ModsMonkey See Monkey D'ohMonorail Car
Mr. Burns' LimoMr. PlowMusic
Nerd CarNerd Race QueenNever Trust a Snake
Nuclear WasteObliteratatron Big Wheel TruckOffice Spaced
Open Wheel Race CarOperation HellfishPetty Theft Homer
Phone BoothsPickup TruckPlanet Hype 50's Car
Plow KingPocket ProtectorPolice Car
Princi-PalProfessor FrinkR/C Buggy
Redneck RoundupReturn of the Nearly-DeadRich District 2 Circuit Race
Rigor MotorsRoad VehiclesS-M-R-T
School BusSecret VehiclesSedan (Level 2)
Sedan (Level 3)Sedan (disambiguation)Set to Kill
Slithery SleuthingSnake JailbirdSpeed Rocket
Squidport 2 Checkpoint RaceSquidport Checkpoint RaceSquidport Tourist Resort Time Trial Race
Street RacesSurveillance VanThe Cola Caper
The Cola WarsThe Fat and FuriousThe Old Pirate and the Sea
The Simpsons: Hit & RunThe Simpsons: Hit & Run PrereleasesThe Simpsons: Hit & Run Wiki
There's Something About MontyThis Little PiggyThis Old Shanty
TractorUnlockable VehiclesUnusable Vehicles
Unused ContentVehiclesVox Nerduli
WWII VehicleWager RacesWasp Cameras
Weapons of Mass DelinquencyWolves Stole My PillsWrenches
Zombie Car

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