Long Black Probes is the second mission of Level 7. In this mission, Homer investigates the black car in the school playground to gain information about the aliens. This mission requires the player to purchase the Zombie Car before it can begin.

Summary Edit

Homer has delivered survival supplies to his home and is ready to investigate the aliens' plans. He arrives at Springfield Elementary, discovering that Kang and Kodos' spacecraft has set up shop above the schoolyard, emitting a tractor beam that sucks vehicles up and destroys them. He questions Comic Book Guy about both the alien craft and the "cool black car" parked in the tractor beam. The player learns that the car is actually an advanced probe for the aliens. He recommends obtaining a Zombie Car in order to follow the probe safely. Homer follows the probe to its destination: the nuclear power plant.

Music Edit

The music to this mission references the 1970's show UFO. The track in game is actually a remixed version of its theme song. It shares this music with Alien "Auto"topsy Part I.

The Simpsons Hit and Run Soundtrack - Long Black Probes


Homer Simpson: Hey, you there! Smelly Sam! What's going on?

Comic Book Guy: The alien craft is using some sort of tractor beam to suck up trespassers to their doom. Worst. Effects. Ever.

Homer Simpson: But that's real!

Comic Book Guy: Worst. Effects. Ever.

Homer Simpson: What's with the cool black car?

Comic Book Guy: If my knowledge of sci-fi movies is correct, which it is, the black car is an advanced probe for the mothership. Now, if you're through, I will spend my last hours on Earth, complaining about movies on the internet.

Homer Simpson: The gift of life is wasted on you.

Comic Book Guy: Yes, I recommend you obtain a zombie car. It will protect you well, but it runs on human brains - a slight drawback.

Homer Simpson: I got plenty of those.

(Homer purchases the Zombie Car and follows the probe to the power plant)

Homer Simpson: The power plant? But I'm bored of this level.

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