For the extra missions in every level, see Bonus Missions.


The briefing for Incriminating Caffeine

In The Simpsons: Hit & Run, missions are series of objectives that push the plot of the game. Each level has seven missions, adding up to a grand total of 49 missions in total. While there are 49 main missions in the game (The Cola Caper is a tutorial mission in the game and it cannot be replayed once it is completed by the player), there are also bonus missions, street races, and wager races that are sometimes labelled as missions, but are not needed to complete the game.

List of missions Edit

Level 1Edit

Tutorial: The Cola Caper

  1. S-M-R-T
  2. Petty Theft Homer
  3. Office Spaced
  4. Blind Big Brother
  5. Flowers By Irene
  6. Bonestorm Storm
  7. The Fat and Furious

Level 2Edit

  1. Detention Deficit Disorder
  2. Weapons of Mass Delinquency
  3. Vox Nerduli
  4. Bart 'n' Frink
  5. Better Than Beef
  6. Monkey See Monkey D'oh
  7. Cell-Outs

Level 3Edit

  1. Nerd Race Queen
  2. Clueless
  3. Bonfire of the Manatees
  4. Operation Hellfish
  5. Slithery Sleuthing
  6. Fishy Deals
  7. The Old Pirate and the Sea

Level 4Edit

  1. For A Few Donuts More
  2. Redneck Roundup
  3. Ketchup Logic
  4. Return of the Nearly-Dead
  5. Wolves Stole My Pills
  6. The Cola Wars
  7. From Outer Space

Level 5Edit

  1. Incriminating Caffeine
  2. ...and Baby Makes 8
  3. Eight is Too Much
  4. This Little Piggy
  5. Never Trust a Snake
  6. Kwik Cash
  7. Curious Curator

Level 6Edit

  1. Going to the Lu'
  2. Getting Down with the Clown
  3. Lab Coat Caper
  4. Duff for Me, Duff for You
  5. Full Metal Jackass
  6. Set to Kill
  7. Kang and Kodos Strike Back

Level 7Edit

  1. Rigor Motors
  2. Long Black Probes
  3. Pocket Protector
  4. There's Something About Monty
  5. Alien "Auto"topsy Part I
  6. Alien "Auto"topsy Part II
  7. Alien "Auto"topsy Part III

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