Monkey See Monkey D'oh
Level 2
Type Collect
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Next Cell-Outs

Monkey See Monkey D'oh is the sixth mission of the second level of the game where the player is Bart.

Summary Edit

Frink needs a blender in order to make a Mark 10 Truckosaurus. Bart goes Dr. Nick at the Screaming Monkey Research Center, and get his blender. Dr. Nick will help, but he needs Bart to find and collect all of his monkeys which have escaped. Bart needs to buy Mr. Plow from his dad, Homer, since he can't fit all of his monkeys into his car.


  1. Talk to Dr. Nick
  2. Buy The Plow King (200 coins from Homer).
  3. Go back and talk to Dr. Nick.
  4. Collect the monkeys.
  5. Return and talk to Dr. Nick.
  6. Collect the blender


This song is shared with The Cola Wars.

The Simpsons Hit and Run Soundtrack - Monkey See Monkey D'oh


Professor Frink: You expect me to complete a Mark 10 Truckasaurus without a blender? Why don't I just make a Plasmo-clay without a tennis racquet, for claving out loud! Now fetch me a blender with the purey and the frappe and liquefy.

Bart: Now where am I gonna get a blender? Gasp, Doctor Nick! He loves blended grill drinks during surgery!

(Bart heads down to the Screaming Monkey Medical Research Center and talks to Doctor Nick)

Bart: Hi, Doctor Nick!

Dr. Nick: Hi, everybody!

Bart: You seem like a heavy drinker, do you have a blender?

Dr. Nick: Not now, OK? My monkeys have escaped, can you catch them for me? I'll be so grateful.

Bart: Why won't they come back to you?

Dr. Nick: Because, I have tortured them horribly, silly!

Bart: There's no way I'll be able to fit all of those monkeys into my car. I better get a big truck or something.

(Bart drives over to Homer in the hospital's car park)

Bart: I need your truck, Homer.

Homer: Why should I give you that?

Bart: Because I love you.

Homer: Hahaha, pay up, sucker!

Bart: You're charging your own son?

Homer: Yeah, guess I am.

(Bart collects all the chimpanzees and brings them back to Doctor Nick before they could escape from Springfield)

Dr. Nick: Welcome home, daddy's little angels. Now to put electrodes in your brains!


  • Despite Bart saying that the monkeys won't fit in his Honor Roller, you can actually use the Honor Roller during the mission by swapping Mr. Plow for it.
  • This mission's title is a play on the phrase "Monkey See, Monkey Do."