Nerd Race Queen
Level 3
Type Race/Timed Drive
Previous Cell-Outs
Next Clueless

Nerd Race Queen is the first mission of the third level of the game where the player now controls Lisa Simpson.

Mission Edit

Comic Book Guy must get the last copy of Itchy & Scratchy Adventures comic!


  1. Race the Nerd to the Itchy & Scratchy Store
  2. Collect the Comic
  3. Get Back To The Store To Seal The Comic!


An ominous, dramatic tune will play, reminiscent of the fighting music from Star Trek. This tune is shared with Vox Nerduli.

The Simpsons Hit and Run Soundtrack - Vox Nerduli


Lisa: I need to find my stupid brother, have you seen him?

Comic Book Guy: Yes, yes, can't talk now, I must get the last copy of the new Itchy & Scratchy Adventures comic. It's the controversial issue in which they finally kiss! Assist me and I will aid you with your dilemma.

(Lisa and Comic Book Guy beat the nerd to the Itchy & Scratchy Comic Store and gets the Itchy & Scratchy Adventures comic book)

Lisa: Now can you tell me if you've seen my pointy-headed nuisance?

Comic Book Guy: Silence! I must get this comic into a mylar bag, before it deteriorates into near-mint condition, heading for failure.

(Lisa and Comic Book Guy head back to The Android's Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop)

Comic Book Guy: Now to get this inky treasure into its mylar sanctuary.

Lisa: What about Bart? I asked you, have you seen him?

Comic Book Guy: I think I saw him at the Noiseland Arcade. Ugh, video games, what a waste of money. Now to go online and bid $1000 for Itchy & Scratchy corn-cob holders. Terrific, terrific expense.


  • Originally after helping Comic Book Guy collect the Itchy and Scratchy comic, the conversation between Lisa and Comic Book Guy would've happened in the Android's Dungeon, but in the final game, the conversation happens outside.