Operation Hellfish
Level 3
Type Destroy
Previous Bonfire of the Manatees
Next Slithery Sleuthing

Operation Hellfish is the fourth mission from the third level of Simpsons hit and Run.

Summary Edit

  1. Purchase the School Bus from Otto (Or phone booth).
  2. Collect the red hat.
  3. Chase after and destroy the first sedan.
  4. Drive to the Aztec Theatre and destroy the next one.
  5. Go to Planet Hype and destroy the last one.

Notes Edit


Lisa: Grandpa, can you help me find Bart, he's missing.

Abe: Maybe I'm just a senile old man, but Bart's lucky red hat fell out of that black car.

Lisa: Wow, Grandpa, what a great clue! You showed why senior citizens are valuable members of the community.

Abe: I think my baby teeth are growing back, that's why I had to punch that nurse!

Lisa: I better get something big if I want to take that car out, like that School Bus.

(Lisa sees Otto at the Kamp Krusty)

Lisa: Otto, I know I'm a little young to be asking this...

Otto: Look, I don't have any special brownies left, I ate them all.

Lisa: But do you think I can use your school bus?

Otto: Oh, right, cool. Meet my price and she's all yours, little lady!

(Lisa destroys all of the government agent cars to find any clues but all of them were empty)

Lisa: (gasps) It's empty! What's going on in this town?


  • This is the first mission where Grampa has a story role, as in Level 1, he only appears walking around the Retirement Castle and in Level 2, he appears as the character who gives the player the bonus mission which doesn't affect the actual plot in any way.