Petty Theft Homer
Level 1
Type Collect
Previous S-M-R-T
Next Office Spaced

Petty Theft Homer is the second mission from the first level of The Simpsons: Hit & Run. It is a racing type of mission where the player raises between locations collecting items.

Summary Edit

Homer goes to talk to Marge in the Simpsons living room where she tells him that Ned Flanders is missing several items and he's annoyed (miffed and po'd) and is going to call the police. Homer, whose responsible for the missing items tells Ned that he'll get them back.

Tasks Edit

  1. Enter The House And Talk To Marge
  2. Go Talk To Ned
  3. Find Flanders Tuxedo
  4. Find Flanders Lawn Mower
  5. Talk To Barney
  6. Find Flanders Cooler
  7. Find Flanders Lawn Chair
  8. Find The Flanders Family Portrait
  9. Find Rod's Inhaler
  10. Return The Items To Ned

Music Edit

The track that plays during this mission features a prominent brass section, xylophone, and scat singing. The music is shared with Alien "Auto"topsy Part II and is extended in For A Few Donuts More.

Transcript Edit

Marge: Homer, go talk to Ned Flanders, he seems miffed, and PO'ed.

Homer: Why me? I'm the world's greatest neighbor! I even have a mug to that effect.

(Homer sees Ned outside his house and talks to him)

Ned: (scoff) I'm all in a ditter, Homer, so many of my possessions have disappeared...I called the police to find the culprit.

Homer: Culprit, eh?

Ned: My lawn mower, my cooler, my lawn chair, a family portrait...even Rod's inhaler, what kind of sick individual would take this stuff?

Homer: (thinking) Oh no, I borrowed all of Flanders' stuff. Quick, think of an excuse to get out of here! (aloud) Uh, excuse me, I think I have to go...shuck some corn.

(Homer finds Ned's tuxedo and lawnmower, then needs to see Barney at the gas station near the Krusty Burger)

Homer: What's next? Flanders' cooler, I gave it to Barney.

Homer: (speaks to Barney) Uh, you remember that cooler I gave you for your birthday? Well, Flanders wants it back.

Barney: Now what will I use for a toilet?

(Homer collects Flanders' cooler and lawn chair, then goes to find the portrait of the Flanders family)

Homer: Almost done! Now I need Flanders' stupid picture with his stupid family.

(Homer has now collected the family portrait and now finds the last possession - Rod Flanders' inhaler)

Homer: OK, last one. Now where did I leave Rod's stupid inhaler? DUUUH, on top of the Duff Truck!

(Homer finally receives Rod's inhaler and plans to return to the Flanders' house)

Homer: Now to return this stuff before the cops find me sitting around talking to myself.

(Homer gives Ned back the missing possessions and asks for a reimbursement)

Homer: Flanders, look! I found your missing stuff! Now, about the reward...

Ned: (chuckles) Thanks neighbour-oony. Here's your reward, a prayer from the Lord's number one fan. (praying) Our father in heaven, bless this noble oaf.

Homer: Stupid Flanders getting happiness from religion...


  • In 2016, two prerelease asset discs were found which contained several information changed in the final game, dated around June to August 2003. The assets reveal that there was originally a lose-the-tail segment in this mission, meaning that Homer would have to avoid Chief Wiggum while taking Flanders' stuff back to his house, though it is unknown why the segment went unused.

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