Planet Hype 50's Car
Planet Hype 50's Car

The Planet Hype 50's Car parked in front of the Krusty Burger by the Android's Dungeon

The Planet Hype 50's Car is a secret vehicle in The Simpsons: Hit & Run. It is only obtainable in Level 6. While this car is only available to the player in Level 6, it can be driven in any of the other levels of the game using the All Cars cheat.


The Planet Hype 50's Car is a retro sports car painted pink with a white interior and fins at the back. The car bears a strong resemblance to the real life 1959 Cadillac DeVille with the top down. It is painted much like the Family Sedan, which could be a reference to the last mission of Level 6, in which Homer drives a vintage sports car from the 70's instead.


Planet Hype 50's Car - Stuck

The location of the Planet Hype 50's Car

The Planet Hype 50's Car is found only in Level 6. It is located inside the front wall of the Planet Hype, near the top edge. The player must jump off the roof of the Planet Hype to access the vehicle. Move the camera so you can see the over the side of the building side and line yourself up so your over the car and then jump down.


  • In the level.mfk file in the game's files, there exists an unused gag with the file name reading "moleman_in_cadillac" that was meant for the third level, the gag would show Hans Moleman stuck in the Planet Hype 50's Car merged into the Planet Hype, but the gag itself went unused in the final game and also, the cadillac is never seen in that level, not even in the Planet Hype building. In fact, the gag's graphics have been deleted entirely from the game, though despite the gag going unused and the cadillac being no longer present, the cadillac can still be seen in Level 3's scrapbook image in the final game.