Pocket Protector
Level 7
Type Delivery
Previous Long Black Probes
Next There's Something About Monty

Pocket Protector is the third mission of Level 7. In this mission, Homer is informed of Professor Frink's solution to defeating the aliens, and the two must work together to put Frink's plan into action.


Upon arriving at the power plant, Homer is met by Professor Frink with his Hover Car equipped with nuclear waste from the power plant. Frink explains that the alien's weakness is nuclear waste, and that he plans to deliver it to their spacecraft. He asks for Homer's help to defend him from the zombies while they drive to the school, which Homer reluctantly agrees to. At the end of the mission, The Hover Car, and presumably Frink, are sacrificed to the spacecraft, but Frink's efforts don't destroy the spaceship - only weakening it.

Music Edit

The track that plays during this mission makes use of the theremin, an electronic instrument that uses electric signals concluded from the distance of the user's hands from its antennae. As such, it plays a prominent role in the track, lending it high pitched wobbles. This missions shares this track with the missions Cell-Outs and Lab Coat Caper.


Professor Frink: I'm glad you're here my morbidly obese ally. Based on my mathulations, I've figured out the aliens' weakness. It's nuclear waste! Yeuck.

Homer Simpson: Uh, and how does that affect me?

Professor Frink: Well it could save the life of you and your family.

Homer Simpson: ...And?

Professor Frink: (nervously laughs) Look, I've loaded my vehicle with nuclear waste from the power plant. It's going to deliver this toxic payload to the alien ship, risking myself and my delicious brain to zombie snacking which if you've never undergone that, I can tell you it stings.

Homer Simpson: What a hero! And I never knew his name.

Professor Frink: Uh, it's Professor John Frink.

Homer Simpson: Are you still here?

(Homer and Frink drive to the playground)

Professor Frink: (while being sacrificed) Nice alien craft... Now to just get out of the path of the... (dramatically) tractor beam! Oh, it's sucking me up!

Homer Simpson: (laughing) Boy, talk about pinning the nerd! (still laughing) If I'm going to kill those town filming, black car driving, cola poisoning, laser distributing, reality show filming monsters, I'm gonna need some more toxic waste!

Trivia Edit

  • Despite the plot of the Level 7 being obvious, it is unclear whether Frink, along with Snake, survive Level 7. In Pocket Protector, Frink talks of sacrificing himself for the greater good, and the cutscene at the end of Level 7 shows Grampa entering the spaceship before it is blown up. However, when Homer sacrifices his own car, he makes it out unscathed. This doubt is strengthened with the fact that the characters don't disappear after being sacrificed, even though their car does in the process.

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