R/C Buggy
RC Buggy

The R/C Buggy parked in front of a boarded up Zombie Burger

The R/C Buggy is a secret vehicle in The Simpsons: Hit & Run. It is only obtainable in Level 7. While this car is only available to the player in Level 7, it can be driven in any of the other levels of the game using the All Cars cheat.


The R/C Buggy is a blue and white remote controlled car with a visible radio control antenna sticking out the back. Even though the car is a lot smaller than the player, the player seems to shrink to fit inside and drive. While the car is extremely fast, its handling is awkward and its toughness are poor, balancing the stats.


RC Buggy - Roofie

The location of the R/C Buggy

The R/C Buggy is found only in Level 7, on top of the roof of the Krusty Burger behind the Kwik-E-Mart. Either drive onto the top of the building or climb up the wrecked firetruck to access it.