Return of the Nearly-Dead
Level 4
Type Race
Previous Ketchup Logic
Next Wolves Stole My Pills

Return of the Nearly-Dead is a mission from the fourth level of Simpsons: Hit and Run, where the player plays as Marge.


After Marge collected the harvest for Cletus, Cletus told Marge to go to the graveyard. While there, she finds Hans Moleman, who's hiding from the police. Hans tells Marge to find Abe at the retirement castle before the cops get there and close the doors.

Music Edit

The track that plays during this mission features a prominent xylophone line and brass section. The track is also shared with The Fat and the Furious, ...and Baby Makes 8, Duff for Me, Duff for You and Alien "Auto"topsy Part III.


Marge: Um, excuse me Hans Moleman, can you help me?

Hans: Shh, I'm hiding from the police. If the police find me out past curfew, they'll throw me in jail. I won't survive another night in jail.

Marge: Well, I was wondering if you've ever seen a crop circle?

Hans: Talk to Abe, he mentioned crop circles once. Hurry up and get to the home before the police lock the doors.


  • In 2016, two prerelease asset discs were found which contained several information changed in the final game, dated around June to August 2003. The assets reveal that Grampa was the one that needed to be raced to the Retirement Castle instead of Chief Wiggum and Jasper was the one who would've explained the crop circles to Marge instead.

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