School Bus
School Bus
Level Level 3
Unlock Purchase (Otto)
Vehicle Stats
Speed FullstarFullstar
Acceleration Fullstar
Toughness FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarFullstar
Handling FullstarFullstar

The School Bus is an unlockable vehicle in The Simpsons: Hit & Run. Like all other player owned cars this vehicle may be accessed via phone booths at any time, on any level.


The school bus is an American, Yellow school bus with Springfield elementary school stamped on its side. The bus can be purchased during Level 3 from Otto inside Kamp Krusty for 300 coins. Lisa uses it to destroy the government cars in the mission Operation Hellfish. In Levels 1, 4 and 7, Otto occupies the drivers seat of the vehicle.

A smaller version of the School Bus appears in traffic during Level 1, it can be driven and represents a generic american bus.

Mission AppearancesEdit

Level 3Edit

Level 6Edit


  • Despite Otto not making an appearance in Level 5, he doesn't appear driving the School Bus in said level.