Snake Jailbird
Snake - Level 2

Snake in Level 2

Chester "Snake" Turley, better known as Snake Jailbird or simply Snake, is a non-playable character who appears in the game, The Simpsons: Hit & Run. He is an erratic, self-fulfilling criminal, and because of this he often encounters the protagonist in almost every level of the game.

Roles & AppearancesEdit

Snake has made several appearances in the game's missions, mostly seen doing crimes. The following list contains all of Snake's appearances, whether essential to the plot or not.

Level 2Edit

  • Weapons of Mass Delinquency - Bart goes around Springfield looking for fireworks, he collects them from Otto, Moe and Snake respectively, he then collects some from Ralph Wiggum, who tells Bart his dad wants to arrest him.
  • Bart 'n' Frink - Professor Frink wants Bart to find a WWII radio for his new invention, the "Truckasaurus", Bart drives to Herman's Military Antiques where he is informed by Chief Wiggum that Herman has been robbed. Bart finds the person responsible, Snake, who refuses to give Bart the radio, unless he challenges him to a race. Bart successfully wins and forces Snake to give him the radio.

Level 3Edit

  • Slithery Sleuthing - Lisa asks Chief Wiggum if he has seen Bart, but Wiggum is too busy trying to find three strikes on Snake, so he can put him back into the cell he belongs. Lisa and Chief Wiggum head out and follow Snake, while collecting three strikes of evidence that he drops.

Level 5Edit

  • Never Trust a Snake (Boss) - Snake threatens Apu to give him his wallet, but after he insults Snake, saying a filth bag like him should surly know about the Cola Trucks, Snake tells Apu that he has a connection with the DMV and asks him to pick up the litter for his community service in exchange for his wallet. Apu collects all of the trash around Downtown and heads back to the DMV, where Snake tells him to pick up the folder inside the DMV; Apu does so, but it turns out to be empty.
  • Kwik Cash (Boss) - Apu scolds Snake for being such a liar, which Snake reveals that he has a little more community service. The two drive to the Googoplex Theater and smash up an Armored Truck, they attempt to drive to Snake's hideout, while avoiding the cops. When they get there, Snake finally tells Apu that the Cola Trucks are registered to the museum.

Level 6Edit

  • Milking the Pigs (Boss) - Bart is looking for a wheelman and finds Snake, who has just walked out of prison, he agrees to be Bart's wheelman, but only if Bart cleared up a few "loose ends" for him. First off, Snake tells Bart to destroy Wiggum's Police Car and a gun that could implicate Snake in the process, he does so and returns to Snake, who then tells Bart that Fat Tony is selling money to anyone who destroys a Milk Truck, in which he sends Bart to destroy one himself. Bart destroys the Milk Truck and returns to Snake, who agrees to help Bart anytime necessary. The player will be rewarded with Snake's Bandit after completing the mission.

Level 7Edit

  • Alien "Auto"topsy Part II (Boss) - Homer finds Snake in the school playground, who wonders what it would be liked for him to get car-jacked, but Homer, who is looking for a suitable vehicle to destroy the UFO, wants help from Snake, whom he threatens when the criminal asks Homer what would happen if he didn't help. Homer and Snake head to the power plant in Snake's Bandit and collect the nuclear waste, while avoiding the black alien probe and drive back to the school playground and into the tractor beam of the UFO, where Snake and his Bandit both get sucked up and sacrificed.


  • Despite the fact that Snake plays a role in the third level, he still appears occupying the seat of his Bandit if the vehicle is called via phone booth in that level. This is likely due to the fact that the player is in the Police Car during the mission Snake appears in (Slithery Sleuthing), and if they are able to drive any other vehicle, including the Bandit, this will cause two Snakes to appear onscreen.