Here is a list of Unused Content in The Simpsons: Hit & Run.

Unusable VehiclesEdit

See: Unusable Cars

Red Brick CarEdit

A little LEGO-like brick car. The "engine" animates, with the parts moving up and down. It's script file calls it "Red Brick V2.0" and also says "( now with more power! )". V1.0 of the Brick Car was likely the similar vehicle featured in The Simpsons: Road Rage, with a much simpler design compared to this new one. Use Down - Down - Right - Left in the PC Version and X-O-X-O in the PS2 Version to replace all bonus cars in levels with the Brick Car (e.g the Monorail Car in Level 2) It can also be obtained with the "All Cars" cheat.

Audi TTEdit

An Audi TT car, unknown what it would've became in game. The game will crash if the player tries to enter it, they'll need to destroy the car and drive the wreck over a wrench pickup to properly drive. It's based off the first generation of Audi TTs. It is unknown why it is in the game's files, maybe either a test car, or there was going to be licensed cars at one point, the player can still drive this vehicle by using mods.

Cell Phone Car BEdit

A beige colored Cell Phone Car. These different colored variants were meant for Level 2's seventh and last mission "Cell-Outs", but the first one (Cell Phone Car A) is used four times instead in the final. They also have different ringing and horn noises. It can be obtained with the "All Cars" cheat though.

Cell Phone Car CEdit

A lavender colored Cell Phone Car. Like Cell Phone Car B. This different colored variant was meant for Level 2's seventh and last mission "Cell-Outs", but the first one (Cell Phone Car A) is used four times instead in the final. They also have different ringing and horn noises. The car can be obtained with the "All Cars" cheat though.

Cell Phone Car DEdit

A light blue colored Cell Phone Car. Like the other two cell phone cars. This different colored variant was meant for Level 2's seventh and last mission "Cell-Outs", but the first one (Cell Phone Car A) is used four times instead in the final. They also have different ringing and horn noises. The car can be obtained with the "All Cars" cheat though.

Cube VanEdit

A slightly vandalized cyan and grey van which features boxes in the rear cargo. It is quite possibly a placeholder vehicle, as two trucks featured in game (The cBone and Duff Truck) are simply retextured versions of the truck. Like most others, it can be obtained with the "All Cars" cheat.

Ice Cream TruckEdit

An ice cream truck for Phineas Q. Butterfat's parlor. The ice cream on the top of the roof slightly resembles Marge's head and it has a jingle of its own. This vehicle can be obtained with the "All Cars" cheat.

Sedan AEdit

A sedan which would've appeared in place of the School Bus in Level 1's traffic (as evidenced by its internal name right next to the string for the school bus). Judging by the name of the car, it's most likely a smaller variant of SedanB. The grey is also used in other traffic cars for coloring.

Wagon AEdit

A station wagon variant of SedanA with a longer chassis and re-textured grille sticker, but sharing the grille and stock wheels. While not documented anywhere, early trailers and previews show that the car was originally intended to appear in place of the Glass Truck in Level 1. Despite it's name, it is the only station wagon in the entire game.

Unused ModelsEdit

Unused Character ModelsEdit

Internal Name Image Description
franke_m Simpsons HnR - Frankenstein Boy Unused model for a male child pedestrian intended to spawn in Level 7. He shares his quotes with male children found during Levels 1-6.
askinn_m SHAR agnes Unused 3D model of Agnes Skinner. Most likely meant as a passenger in Skinner's Sedan, but goes unused due to limitations, instead replacing her with a low-poly model of her in the style of drivers in NPC-driven cars. Agnes has unique quotes for being hit, avoiding a car, and being kicked.

Using a cheat code, the player can cycle through every character model to allow them to play as any character in any level.

In the PC version, hold F1 and press Down Arrow, Down Arrow, Down Arrow, Left Arrow in the options menu.

In the US GameCube version, enter the below Gecko code then press B during gameplay:

04011388 38600000
28442C88 00000040
04011388 38600001
E2000001 80008000


SHAR gaghomer

An early version of Homer's main menu model, this model can only be seen when Homer's animations get corrupted and in the cheese house gag in Level 4, this would be used as a backup model otherwise.


SHAR podium

A podium, found in the multiplayer game.


SHAR pedestal

An early version of the pedestal featured when changing character clothing.

Console Exclusive FilesEdit

Certain unused files can only be found inside the console versions of the game, as opposed to the PC version.


SHAR carbox p3d

A box, presumably for holding cars. The use of this box is unknown, however it is placed inside Level 6's files. Interestingly, although it is inside the console versions, it uses the file format of the PC version.

SHAR Unused Carbox Model

Placing it in game shows it to be incomplete. It has no animations on it at all, other than that, it works fine.


A pair of chaps, meant for use in the Level 7 bonus mission "Flaming Tires". It does not seem to match Mr. Burns' character, so the mission may have originally been something different entirely.


A phone book, also meant for use in the mission "Flaming Tires".


A miner's helmet, again meant for use in "Flaming Tires". Like chaps.p3d, it doesn't match Burns' character.

Unused LevelsEdit

Inside the PC version's "\scripts\missions" directory are two folders labeled level08 and level09, suggesting that the game had planned to have a total of nine levels instead of seven, but the eighth and ninth levels didn't make the cut for unknown reasons. It might have been a placeholder.

The game makes another reference to the eighth cut level in "\art\missions", where a folder labeled level08 can be found. However, unlike the script folder, there are two files inside this folder, though these only seem to contain position data for an unfinished mission. Unlike level08, there is no art folder for level09.

Unused AreasEdit

Inside Burns' Mansion in Level 1Edit

It is possible to get into the front garden and the interior of Mr. Burns' mansion in Level 1, but it requires skill. First, have the jump code activated and with a car big enough to fit through the secret "entrance" in the Nuclear Power Plant. When the player makes it to the doors, they will be closed. They can still get in by using the jump code to get in through the walls. The mansion has nearly the exact same appearance as it does in Level 4, except the gag from Level 4 is missing. In addition, the furniture is missing.

Once the player is in, it is nearly impossible to get out: the player has to jump the car high enough to get out of the mansion from the garden. If the player attempts to get out of the mansion through the front yard, they will respawn in the Nuclear Power Plant.

Although, it is possible that Mr. Burns' Mansion was originally supposed to be accessible in Level 1, as according to two PR asset discs in the mission "The Fat and Furious", Homer would have to climb over the mansion's fence to talk to Mr. Burns. Also judging by how the mansion seems fully modelled on the inside with all features it has in Level 4, with the exception of the gag that flips and reveals many traps in Mr. Burns' library. This could most likely show that the mansion was originally accessible in Level 1 much like how the rich side was supposed to be accessible in Level 7.

Unused Bonus TrackEdit

Simpsons Hit and Run Unused Bonus Track

Homer on the unused bonus track

Present in the game's files, there exists an unused, oval-shaped Springfield 500 track that takes place in a stadium. Being in a mostly complete state, it may have been an early concept or just cut because it was probably considered too short. The track itself resembles the racing track from the episode "Alone Again, Natura-Diddily". Although there are various ways to access it, the fastest and easiest way is to replace l1i00.p3d in the art folder, with b00.p3d.

Drive to the school in Level 1, everything but some parts of the scenery and the bonus track in the distance will be invisible. Now the player can drive to the bonus track. It is very easy to crash it this way, but this is again the easiest way to access the track.


SHAR Test Level

An unused monochrome test model for a bonus track map. It is most likely left in the game as a placeholder for a test map. It does not appear to be based on any of the seven present bonus tracks, as it features several holes, ramps, and bumps that would make it appropriate for an off-road track.


SHAR Test Level 2

A similarly titled test model to testlevelb02l also found in the art folder, albeit with a more flat terrain, and having a stop sign wall texture, presumably a placeholder for actual racing walls. Much like testlevelb02l, it is not based on any present bonus track, and is most likely a placeholder.

Past the Bridge in Level 7Edit

In Level 7, the 939 area of Evergreen Terrace is fenced off from both sides of the map (from the Power Plant, a door barricade is in place, and from the school, the bridge is broken and covered by spotlights and military installation), but with the cheat codes that allow cars to jump by honking the horn and gain invincibility, the player can get past the school bridge barrier and go to the bridge. Any car will work, but the RC Car is recommended, as it is the easiest to fit. The bridge has weird collision, like the walls or watchtower not being solid.

After the player manages to get past the bridge, one can go to the other side, however, the area is incomplete and isn't solid. The houses look a bit different, as they are missing the walls and gates that were in front of them in Levels 1 and 4, and there are two floating "Springfield Gasoline" signs which are missing the grey poles that supported them in the previous Suburb levels where the gas station is supposed to be. There is a house in place of the gas station instead. However, if a player manages to get to the roof of the non-solid house that replaced the ramp going beyond, respawning and going back, the jump camera enables. Interestingly, there are spawn points on the other side of the blockades along with solid ground which can be driven on, making it easier for the player to get to the other side of the bridge. Also, if the player travels to where the rest of the rich side was previously in Levels 1 and 4, they will hear an unused tune in the spot around where Mr. Burns' Mansion was. This shows that the rich side could be accessed legitimately at one point.

In 2017, a former Radical Entertainment designer confirmed on the Donut Team forum that the area was cut to make workload more manageable for artists working on the level.

Inside the Nuclear Plant in Level 7Edit

Just like the bridge, the Nuclear Plant in Level 7 is blocked off with a metal door, but is possible to get past with the same cheats. This time, any car can work always. However, after that, the area is just nothing. The mini-map continues like it did in Level 1 and 4, but after where the hall is supposed to open up, the mini-map shows the end, but the sound that is heard in the plant in Levels 1 and 4 plays. However, the fun doesn't stop there! If one goes further, the sound that plays in the room where nuclear waste falls from the pipes and into the nuclear lake plays, and if one goes even further, they will eventually hear the unused Level 7 version of the Stonecutters' Tunnel theme.

All level areas combined in Level 7Edit

There is a rumour that Level 7 was going to have all areas from previous levels (Downtown and Squidport), but was scrapped because of the file size.

Unused GagsEdit

In the files, by using text editing programs, the player can find three unused gags all meant for Evergreen Terrace (Levels 1, 4 and 7) and one for the Springfield Squidport (Levels 3 and 6). These gags do not have a set place for where they appear, making them unused. Setting a place for them in the game will allow them to spawn.

  • There was originally supposed to be a red and blue merry-go-round that was intended for both the playground near the Springfield Elementary School and the playground in Evergreen Terrace, but the gag was cut for unknown reasons. When the player clicks on the gag, it would spin around.
  • Near the Tomacco field, there was supposed to be a flock of crows that flew away if the player approached them. The animation is glitched and incomplete, with the crows left hovering in the air afterwards, which is possibly why it got cut.
  • In the Android's Dungeon, there was supposed to be a doll that blew up. It would produce an inflating and deflating sound when activated. However, the doll has no model and it is completely invisible, but it still produces sounds.
  • There was supposed to be a bat gag for Level 7 which would've functioned like Level 1 and 4's crow gag.
  • There was supposed to be a gag for Level 3 where Moleman was shown stuck in his pink Cadillac merged into the Planet Hype. The gag can be seen on the scrapbook image for Level 3. However, it's graphics itself appears to have been deleted from the game. In level.mfk, alongside with another gags, line «**//moleman in cadillac**» with its' settings have been found.

Misplaced ObjectsEdit

By using cheats or mods, the player can see some unused objects that are either erroneously misplaced or some leftovers that seemed to be from earlier in development.

TheSimpsonsHitandRun MisplacedObject2

In Level 1 if the player exits the game's boundaries in the garden at Mr. Burns' Mansion, they will see three portraits that appear to be Simpson-styled versions of the painting "American Gothic". These were most likely intended for an earlier revision of the Stonecutter's Tunnel.

TheSimpsonsHitandRun MisplacedObject

In Levels 1, 4, and 7, there is a washing machine located outside the border. This is most likely a misspawn, as the washing machines are actually meant to appear outside the Muntz House. Strangely, there is a cow face placed next to the washing machine in Level 1.

Unused GraphicsEdit

Unused HUD IconsEdit

There are some unused icons in the game files such as:

  • An icon of the "Sit-N-Rotate" restaurant. The icon was supposed to be used for Level 5's bonus mission "Kinky Frinky" because the Hover Car was originally meant to start at that location, but in the final, it has been changed to start at the park.
  • An icon of the "Legitimate Businessman's Social Club", it is likely that this icon was meant to be for the Level 5 mission "...and Baby Makes 8". However, when the player finishes the first mission, it ends with them arriving at the social club.
  • An icon of the "Springfield Monorail Station", it is likely that this icon was meant to be shown in the mission "Never Trust a Snake" as that is the only mission in the game where the player has to drive there, but in the final version, an icon of a trash bin appears instead.
  • An icon of the "Springfield Nuclear Power Plant" parking lot. Obviously meant for the missions where the player had to drive to the power plant like "There's Something About Monty", but in the final, an icon of the Power Plant building is shown instead.
  • An icon of a tomacco, this icon was supposed to be for Level 1's bonus mission "This Old Shanty", but in the final, a basket of tomacco is used instead.
  • An objective icon for the Ferrini - Red which is never used in the final.
  • An early radar which is less detailed then the one in the final game. It is green with a green line circling around it. It also has a more police approach then its final version. The radar can be seen in the IGN's Sizzle Reel video and a few early screenshots.
  • A much earlier radar which has no police approach at all, and is just a simple blue circle with road and icons. It can be seen in two early screenshots of Level 7.
  • A radar icon for a Wasp Camera, unknown of why it went unused.
  • Three number icons, they were intended to be used when starting off a street race, but were replaced by mission siles in the final.


HUD IconsEdit


E3 Levels and MissionsEdit

The game has a bunch of unused level scripts that are intended for an E3 demo.

E3 RewardsEdit

Inside the "missions" folder, there is an E3 version of the rewards.mfk file, named e3rewards.mfk. The rewards.mfk file is what tells the game how the player unlocks certain vehicles/clothes. Replacing it with the final game's file crashes the game, but by simply viewing the file in a text editor, the player can see quite a number of differences:

  • Both the Kremlin and Moe's Sedan are for sale from Gil in Level 1, instead of the Duff Truck and the Surveillance Van.
  • Every vehicle for sale in Level 1 is priced at 40 coins, Level 2 & 7's are 25 coins and Level 3, 4, 5 & 6's are 10 coins.
  • Homer's "Scuzzy" outfit is for sale in Level 1.
  • Bart's default car in Level 2 is the Bandit.
  • The Mr. Plow is now the reward for beating all of the street races in Level 2, and Homer now sells the Family Sedan.
  • Otto's School Bus, the Malibu Stacy Car, Duff Truck and Book Burning Van are all sold by Gil in Level 2.
  • Bart's "Bartman" outfit is for sale in Level 2.
  • In Level 3, the Book Burning Mobile is the Street Race prize, and is also sold by Gil.
  • In Level 4, the Police Car is for sale instead of the Clown Car. Interestingly, the Police Car is actually still in the final rewards.mfk file, just commented out using "//".
  • The Donut Truck and Book Burning Mobile are both for sale in Levels 4, 5 & 6.
  • Bart's "Bartman" outfit is still for sale in Level 6, despite being in Level 2 as well.
  • The Hover Car is the default vehicle for Level 7, while the 70's Sports Car is the Street Race rewarded vehicle.
  • Homer's "Muumuu" outfit replaces the "Scuzzy" outfit and the "Chosen One" outfit replaces the "Evil" outfit.
  • The Clown Car is being sold by one of the Zombies, and the Kremlin and Canyonero are being sold by Gil.

E3 Level.mfkEdit

Within the Level 2 folder there is an E3 variation of the level.mfk file. It is almost identical to the final game, with a few minor changes:

  • It only loads two missions, the E3 version of "Better Than Beef" and "Detention Deficit Disorder".
  • Homer's electrocuted model is loaded, presumably by mistake.
  • The Bandit is loaded as the default vehicle, however both the Red Ferrini and Honor Roller have scripts to be loaded instead, both being commented out using "//".

E3 Leveli.mfkEdit

Also within the Level 2 folder, there is an E3 variation of the leveli.mfk file. Again, there isn't much different from the final game:

  • The Bandit is loaded as the default vehicle.
  • Bonus Mission and Street Race NPCs have no dialog.
  • Various pedestrians in certain areas were changed.

E3 Better Than BeefEdit

The Simpsons Hit and Run - E3 Better Than Beef Mission

The Simpsons Hit and Run - E3 Better Than Beef Mission

Within the Level 2 folder, not only is there an E3 version of Level 2, but there's also an unused version of the mission "Better Than Beef" that was meant for E3. The mission itself is close to that of the final, and can be played by replacing m5i.mfk with the e3m1i.mfk file inside the Level 2 folder, and then editing the first line with a text editing program to prevent the game from crashing during loading from:


The mission itself has several differences. First, the player is given more time in this version, Apu uses a different AI (Easycop.con in the \scripts\cars\pursuit folder), and the music doesn't change during the "GET AWAY FROM APU" segment. The player also has to talk to Cletus after arriving at the Krusty Burger. In the final, the conversation happens automatically.

E3 Rigor MotorsEdit

Like Level 2, Level 7 also has a file that appears to be an E3 Rigor Motors (judging by the positions mentioned in the file) that was used for a similar or the same demo. However, unlike the early "Better Than Beef", the mission script is incomplete, and all that remains is a "dummy" objective that's obviously meant for testing, so there isn't anything left.

Unused MusicEdit


SimpHitandRun - fe trans01
SimpHitandRun - fe trans02
SimpHitandRun - fe trans03

These three trumpet tracks that get slightly higher in key go unused. The only logical place where they could've been used are after completing the Street Races, since there are exactly three races in each level, but there is normally silence at the end of each Street Race when the character celebrates. The only cue that goes used is the faint jingle noise heard after all street races.


SimpHitandRun 58 - Unused - Homer27s Spooky Tuba

A cue meant for Level 1, but unused since it is placed in the wrong folder within the files.


SimpHitandRun 59 - Unused - Ice Cream Truck

A short jingle meant for the Ice Cream Truck. Although technically semi-unused since the player can spawn the truck into any level using the "All Cars" cheat, this is never heard in the main game.


SimpHitandRun Margesamba end neg

This song would've played when the player fails the second part of "There's Something About Monty", except that it is impossible to fail said part, thus being able to hear this music. The previous mission stages are fallible and reuse "halls_balls" from "Milking the Pigs", but not when they have to get to Mr. Burns' office. The reason why the second part isn't failable is because there isn't any condition that the player can violate to fail the mission itself and trigger this.

However, if the mission file (m4i.mfk) is viewed with a program such as Notepad++, the player can see an unused time limit that the developers commented out by adding "//" to the beginning of the line. If someone deletes these slashes and then saves the file, the player can re-enable the timer for this part of the mission. If the player lets the timer run out, this soundtrack will play.

The timer was likely dropped because the developers may have thought it was too difficult as it is hard to climb Burns' Office within a short time limit, considering making a mistake usually results in the player having to start over from the beginning of the mission. However, since none of the game's other missions use this song where the player can fail, this jingle goes fully unused.


SimpHitandRun Lounge010

A strange unused song which is a slowed down version of "Toccata and Fugue" that can be heard in Level 7 if the player uses cheats to get outside the map at the Power Plant and goes into the spot where the Stonecutters Tunnel would've been in Levels 1 and 4. This is because the music was meant to play in the tunnel in that level, since the rich side along with the entirety of the power plant were meant to be accessed like in the previous Suburb levels, but as the area became cut in the final, the music goes unused.


SimpHitandRun - scarymusic01

A slowed down, mechanical sounding version of Scott Joplin's Maple Leaf Rag. The music was intended to play in the rooftop garden of the Kwik-E-Mart during Level 7, replacing the music heard in Levels 1 and 4. However, in the final game, no music plays on the rooftop garden, so this track goes unused.


Powerplant 10sec

Judging by the name, this song was meant to be played when the timer is under 10 seconds in the mission "Blind Big Brother" (The music for the mission being titled "powerplant_main"), but for unknown reasons, it does not play. It joins together seamlessly with the mission failed theme further proving that it must have meant to be played here.


SimpHitandRun Celebration

Found in Level 7 if the player uses cheats to get outside the map near the blocked-off bridge or the Power Plant, the music will starting if the player drives into the spot where Mr. Burns' Mansion would've been in Levels 1 and 4. Although, it is unknown why the music would play at the mansion as the music file names do not match. The song itself resembles the actual Stonecutters' theme song in Homer the Great.


SHAR.unusedNick end sus

This cue is supposed to play when the player exits their vehicle in the missions "Monkey See Monkey D'oh" and "The Cola Wars", but goes unused due to a script in the game's code which prevents the main music from stopping when the player exits a vehicle.


SHARunusedBusted halloween

This sound was likely supposed to play when the player gets busted in a Hit & Run during Level 7. It is unknown why this was cut.


SHARTechnicallyUsedDisco victory

While technically this music is actually used in the mission "Kang and Kodos Strike Back" in Level 6, it is impossible to hear by normal means. For it to begin playing, both the main song and the drama loop must play first, by which point the mission will have already finished.



Judging by the file names, these would have played in relation to earning a reward in Level 1.

Unused Music PartsEdit

By looking inside the decompiled RMS files you can find even more unused stuff!

Every music part of the game is assigned to a specific region which later activates upon completing specific tasks. In l2_music.xml the player can find a series of regions named as "M3_drama_region" and "M3_victory_region" respectively.

	<Region Name="M3_drama_region" Volume="1">
		<Layer Name="music" Constant="true" Volume="1">
			<StreamEvent Name="CBG_Pickup" />
				<StreamEvent Name="CBG_Main" />
	<Region Name="M3_victory_region" Volume="1">
		<Layer Name="music" Constant="true" Volume="1">
			<StreamEvent Name="CBG_Pickup" />
				<StreamEvent Name="CBG_Main" />
	<Region Name="M3_end_drama_region" Volume="1">
		<Layer Name="music" Constant="true" Volume="1">
			<StreamEvent Name="CBG_Pickup" />
				<StreamEvent Name="CBG_Main" />

It has some similarities with "Kang and Kodos Strike Back", which is also a race-only mission with music separated in three parts. Unlike that mission, "Vox Nerduli"'s regions write the same song all over again. The songs do not activate in game as they are lacking 'Event' strings to define them to be used in certain scenarios, so they never actually activate. Perhaps Radical wanted to make similar three music stages for all race only missions, but for unknown reasons only the former mission has three stages of music. The same effect can be found in "Nerd Race Queen" as well.

	<Region Name="M1_drama_region" Volume="1">
		<Layer Name="music" Constant="true" Volume="1">
			<StreamEvent Name="CBG_Pickup" />
				<StreamEvent Name="CBG_Main" />
	<Region Name="M1_victory_region" Volume="1">
		<Layer Name="music" Constant="true" Volume="1">
			<StreamEvent Name="CBG_Pickup" />
				<StreamEvent Name="CBG_Main" />
	<Region Name="M1_end_drama_region" Volume="1">
		<Layer Name="music" Constant="true" Volume="1">
			<StreamEvent Name="CBG_Pickup" />
				<StreamEvent Name="CBG_Main" />

Unused Vehicle SoundsEdit

File Name Audio
SHaRamb siren

Unused siren sound effect, reminiscent of the "Grand Theft Auto" games. It was intended to be played in the Ambulance traffic vehicles in Level 5.

File Name Audio
SHaRbeeman enter 01

Judging by the file name, this was supposed to play while entering the El Carro Loco (Bumblebee Man's car), but for some reason it does not play.

File Name Audio
SHaRcar jump 02

A strange sound of a car descending from a height. Likely supposed to play if a car plunges down a height.

File Name Audio
SHaRcel phone 02
File Name Audio
SHaRcel phone 03
File Name Audio
SHaRcel phone 04

Since the B, C and D variants of the Cell Phone Users Car are not used in game (barring cheats), these sound effects go unused too.

File Name Audio
SHaRfire horn

Unused Fire Truck horn. It was replaced by the siren.

File Name Audio
SHaRsiren 01

Unused police car siren. This can be heard in the E3 trailer and the demo that plays on the loading screen in the final game.

Unused Voice ClipsEdit

Answering Machine DialogueEdit

There is leftover dialogue for an unused answering machine function. It is unknown how this feature would've worked, however it could be that it was a planned gag for a location like Moe's Tavern. The format for this dialogue is "d_answer_charactercode_filename"

Agnes and SkinnerEdit

Agnes and Skinner have a collaboration of voice clips for this function. Note that a modified version of Agnes' final line is actually used for the ambience heard in the playgrounds in Level 7, although it is quite hard to hear.

File Name Audio Transcript
SHAR d answer skn 01 (1)
"You have reached the Skinner residence. Please leave a concise message at--"
SHAR d answer agn 01
"Seymour, what are you doing?"
SHAR d answer skn 02
"Recording an outgoing answering machine message"
SHAR d answer agn 02
"Without my permission? You're grounded!"

Comic Book GuyEdit

Comic Book Guy has one instance of this function.

File Name Audio Transcript
SHAR d answer cbg 01
"Thank you for calling the Android's Dungeon. If you are calling about the screenplay I posted on my website, please leave your name and production company. If you don't have a production company, please hang up the phone!"


Grampa has two dialogue instances for this function.

File Name Audio Transcript
SHAR d answer grp 01
"How do you use this crazy machine? It's so complicated! Awwww, I hate this techno-crap. I feel old."
SHAR d answer grp 02
"Mayday! Mayday! I'm goin' down! I've got two Stukas on my tail! And they've stolen all the semolina! My biplane is comin' apart at the seams! *snores* French toast please"

The end of the last voice clip was based on the Season 4 episode of the Simpsons television series "So It's Come To This: A Simpson's Clip Show", in which while Grampa is in the middle of saying that he goes in and out of comas all the time, when, just like in the above clip, he abruptly falls asleep and wakes up saying, "French toast please."


Snake has two dialogue instances for this function. Interestingly, Snake's dialogue filename uses a "w" at the beginning (which is referred to as the player character in most instances). The second instance is an alternate version of the first.

File Name Audio Transcript
SHAR-W answer snk 01
"Yo, you've like reached the Gustavsan residence. Mr. Gustavsan can't come to the phone right now, but he is alive. Also, Gustavson gave me his house."
SHAR w answer snk 01a
"Hello, you've reached like the Gustavsan residence. Mr. Gustavsan can't come to the phone right now, but he is totally alive. Um, also, Gustavson gave me his house."

Chief WiggumEdit

Chief Wiggum has two dialogue instances for this function. The second instance is an alternate version of the first.

File Name Audio Transcript
SHAR d answer wig 01
"You have just reached the Springfield Police Department. We're out fighting cri- *He, hahahaha..* and um, *wheeze* enforcing just-- justice.. *Hahaha.* Ahh, that should fool those idiots."
SHAR d answer wig 01a
"Hello, you have reached the Springfield Police Department. We're out fighting crime *snort* and um, ah, enforcing justice.. *Hahaha!* Ahh, that's good. That should fool those idiots. *Eh hem* Didn't I already hit the button? Ah darn."

Unused Stage MessagesEdit

Early Mission RelatedEdit


An early leftover from Level 4's first mission "For A Few Donuts More", the player was originally meant to destroy the Donut Truck, but it was changed in the final game, where they simply had to hit the truck to collect the donuts.


There is never a mission in the game where the crop circle is required to be driven to as part of a mission with the exception of Level 1's bonus mission "This Old Shanty". This message may have been used in Level 4, where Marge had major concerns over the crop circle. It may have also linked into Grampa's theory about the crop circles during the level's fifth mission "Wolves Stole My Pills".


Most likely meant to be used in Level 4's final mission "From Outer Space", where the player has to destroy several Cola Vans at once.


Was more than likely the original “Drive to the Simpsons House” message.


While the Monorail Station is featured in both Levels 2 and 5, there is never an instance where the player has to drive there except in Level 5's mission "Never Trust a Snake". There is also an unused HUD icon for the Monorail station itself.


The player doesn't have to visit Chief Wiggum here in any mission, although it is likely that this was meant for Level 5's fourth mission "This Little Piggy" as the player would have to find Chief Wiggum around town instead of following a trail of items to locate his whereabouts.


In the final game, Jasper only serves as a gag that the player can interact with in the Kwik-E-Mart, drives the Bonestorm truck in Level 1's sixth mission, "Bonestorm Storm", walks around the Lard Lad Donuts in Level 2 and walks around the Sit 'n' Rotate in Level 5. But according to PR Asset discs, he was originally going to have Grampa's role in Level 4's fifth mission "Wolves Stole My Pills". This message is likely a leftover from that.


There is never an event in any of the missions where the player has to avoid multiple black sedans, the closest thing to this being the unused Chase Sedans in Level 3's second mission "Clueless", though the player avoids these sedans separately.


Unused text originally meant for Level 3's mission "Operation Hellfish", where the player would have to talk to Grampa at the Observatory to find a clue on Bart.


Unused text that was supposed to be used in Level 5's last mission "Curious Curator" as the player was supposed to race the Curator to the museum according to two PR Asset discs. It may have been changed because the mission may have been considered too short otherwise.


It was supposed to be used in Level 5's bonus mission "Kinky Frinky" as the player had to drive to the Sit 'n' Rotate to find the Hover Car, but the whole thing is dummied out. There is also an unused icon for the restaurant itself.


The player doesn't have to visit this Krusty Burger in any of Levels 1, 4 and 7's missions.


This might have been used in Level 5's third mission "Eight is Too Much", as it could have involved the player having to find the Shelbyvillian van around town, meaning that it would've been located somewhere else instead of the hospital.


There are a few times where this message was meant to appear in, these being:

  • Could have been used in both missions where the player has to help the Comic Book Guy, and they instead had to enter his car rather than being placed in it already when the mission starts.
  • Also likely that the player would have to get out of Comic Book Guy's car to collect the Itchy & Scratchy comic in the mission "Nerd Race Queen" rather then simply collecting it while still in the car.

The player never has to purchase a car from Bart in the game, as he's actually not a person who can sell vehicles in any of the game's levels.


May have been used when the player had to drive their car into the UFO beam in the third and last three missions of Level 7, but in the final game, the player automatically exits the vehicle when it gets sucked up into the beam.


Obviously meant for Level 7's first mission "Rigor Motors". In the normal mission, once the player reaches the Simpsons house, the mission is completed and they never have to go inside the house not for that mission nor in any other mission after that. This may also suggest that Lisa and Homer may have had some additional dialogue once entering the house again.

Tutorial RelatedEdit

In the PC version of the game, Bart's tutorials are disabled by default (and removed completely from older releases of the PC version). (The tutorials are used in the console versions.)

These messages end up unused in the PC version:


Meant to appear when the player goes near a Street Race NPC (Milhouse, Nelson, Ralph).


Meant to appear when the player goes near a Wager Race NPC (Louie).

The remaining objectives do not display correctly:


Note that the \ symbols are used in all versions of the game to indicate a line break in the text. (Multiple \ symbols indicate multiple line breaks.)


Meant to appear when the player goes near a Bonus Mission NPC.


This message was meant to appear when the player entered a new game (before they gained control of Homer in Level 1).


This message was meant to appear when the player enters a vehicle for the first time.


This message tells the player how to enter a vehicle. (It would appear when they got near a vehicle.)


Meant to appear when the player got near a gag.


Meant to be displayed after the player completes their first street race.


Meant to appear when the player obtained their first collector card. (Notice that surprise is misspelled here with a "Z".)


Meant to appear when the player approached a location where they can buy cars or clothes.


Meant to appear when the player goes near a phone booth.


Meant to appear when the player goes near a crate containing coins.


Meant to appear when the player broke something that rewards coins (such as Krusty Glass).


Meant to appear when the player goes near the door of a building that can be entered (e.g. the Simpsons House).


Meant to display when the player obtained a coin.


Most-likely meant to be displayed when the player destroyed a vehicle.

Unused Mission Failure HintsEdit

A few unused mission failure hints can be found in srr2.p3d, located in the game files. All of these hints appear to be intended for the three Alien Autopsy missions for Level 7.

MISSION_FAILED_NOT_ABDUCTED_HINT0=Hint : Don't forget to jump out of your vehicle.

MISSION_FAILED_NOT_ABDUCTED_HINT1=Hint : Jump out of your vehicle before reaching the Mother Ship.

MISSION_FAILED_NOT_ABDUCTED_HINT2=Hint : Jump out of your vehicle while in the tractor beam.

MISSION_FAILED_NOT_ABDUCTED_HINT4=Hint : Don't forget to jump out of your vehicle.

MISSION_FAILED_NOT_ABDUCTED_HINT5=Hint : Jump out of your vehicle before reaching the Mother Ship.

MISSION_FAILED_NOT_ABDUCTED_HINT6=Hint : Jump out of your vehicle while in the tractor beam.

MISSION_FAILED_NOT_ABDUCTED_HINT7=Hint : Remember to jump out of your vehicle.

These hints appear to match the unused stage message that the player had to jump out of the vehicle manually in all four missions when a vehicle was being sucked into the tractor beam. Interestingly, one of the hints says to jump out of the vehicle before reaching the mother ship. This may have meant the player had to jump out of the vehicles before driving into the tractor beam.

Hit and Run relatedEdit

Interestingly, in early builds of the game, the player could fail a mission for being busted in a Hit & Run, similarly to the "Grand Theft Auto" games.

MISSION_FAILED_HIT_N_RUN=Hit & Run: You got busted!

MISSION_FAILED_HIT_N_RUN_HINT0=Hint : Don't get caught by the cops

MISSION_FAILED_HIT_N_RUN_HINT1=Hint : Switching clothes lowers the meter

MISSION_FAILED_HIT_N_RUN_HINT2=Hint : Use wrenches to fix your vehicle

MISSION_FAILED_HIT_N_RUN_HINT3=Hint : Drive more carefully

MISSION_FAILED_HIT_N_RUN_HINT4=Hint : Don't hit pedestrians

MISSION_FAILED_HIT_N_RUN_HINT5=Hint : Switching clothes lowers the meter

MISSION_FAILED_HIT_N_RUN_HINT6=Hint : Use wrenches to fix your vehicle

MISSION_FAILED_HIT_N_RUN_HINT7=Hint : Reckless driving attracts the cops

In the final version, the player does not fail a mission when they get busted.

Player damage relatedEdit


MISSION_FAILED_PLAYER_HIT_HINT0=Hint : Get a faster vehicle.

MISSION_FAILED_PLAYER_HIT_HINT1=Hint : Find the shortcuts.

MISSION_FAILED_PLAYER_HIT_HINT2=Hint : Use wrenches to fix your vehicle.

MISSION_FAILED_PLAYER_HIT_HINT3=Hint : Smash all the vending machines you find.

MISSION_FAILED_PLAYER_HIT_HINT4=Hint : Avoid getting hit.

MISSION_FAILED_PLAYER_HIT_HINT5=Hint : Use a phone booth to get a new vehicle.

MISSION_FAILED_PLAYER_HIT_HINT6=Hint : Complete all street races to earn a different vehicle.

MISSION_FAILED_PLAYER_HIT_HINT7=Hint : Collect coins to purchase a tougher better car.

It is still unknown what failure condition can result in displaying these hints. It can be either cops from a Hit & Run, Wasp Cameras, or even city traffic (if the player manages to get hit by one).

Out of Bounds relatedEdit


MISSION_FAILED_OUT_OF_BOUNDS_HINT0=Hint : Keep control of your vehicle.

MISSION_FAILED_OUT_OF_BOUNDS_HINT1=Hint : Drive more carefully.

MISSION_FAILED_OUT_OF_BOUNDS_HINT2=Hint : Use the brakes to control your speed.

MISSION_FAILED_OUT_OF_BOUNDS_HINT3=Hint : Keep control of your vehicle.

MISSION_FAILED_OUT_OF_BOUNDS_HINT4=Hint : Use the hand brake to corner better.

MISSION_FAILED_OUT_OF_BOUNDS_HINT5=Hint : Look ahead for upcoming hazards.

MISSION_FAILED_OUT_OF_BOUNDS_HINT6=Hint : Use the brakes to control your speed.

MISSION_FAILED_OUT_OF_BOUNDS_HINT7=Hint : Look ahead for upcoming hazards.

It is unknown under which circumstances this mission fail hints would've appeared. Judging by hints, it can be related to street races. These hints can still appear in the game, if someone adds a condition "outofbounds", thus making every death trigger instantly fail the mission upon entering it. In the final game though, this functionality is never used.

Unused Mission ObjectivesEdit

Throughout the game's mission scripts, there are several mission objectives that Radical dummied out by adding "//" to the start of each line in the objective. Some of the removed objectives range from minor to fairly major differences in how the mission plays out.

Blind Big Brother - Unused "goto" ObjectiveEdit

At the end of Level 1's fourth mission "Blind Big Brother", there is a duplicate of the goto objective for re-entering the workstation, but with a few notable changes. There is now a 30 second time limit, which could have been cut in order to prevent it being too hard for new players, and there is also a "Completion Dialog" set that would replace the dialog at the end where Mr. Burns tells all his "Mindless Drones" to go home. This was likely changed as it might get interrupted by the mission complete dialog.

The Fat and Furious - Unused "goto" ObjectiveEdit

In Level 1's last mission "The Fat and Furious", there is an unused objective in the m7i.mfk file. Re-enabling this objective shows that it is mostly complete. The HUD icon used is Mr. Burns' mansion, but the objective text reads "Race Smithers to Mr. Burns' Mansion." This could mean that the race did not start straight away, because the goto location is "limo_start", which is set to be under the large blue billboard in front of the Power Plant.

Vox Nerduli - Unused "talkto" ObjectiveEdit

Similarly to the E3 demo of "Ketchup Logic", there is an unused "talkto" objective at the end of "Vox Nerduli" Originally, the player was meant to get out of the car to talk to Comic Book Guy, but in the final the conversation happens automatically. This was probably done because the player is already in the car with Comic Book Guy and this would spawn another, confusing the player.

Bart 'n' Frink - Unused "goto" ObjectiveEdit

In Level 2's fourth mission, "Bart 'n' Frink", there is an unused objective in the level's m4i.mfk file. Re-enabling it causes the game to crash, though. The objective's goto location is set to Herman's Military Antiques, which could mean that the player was meant to drive to Herman's instead of having to follow the Black Van there.

Cell-Outs - Unused "timeout" ConditionEdit

At the end of Level 2's last mission, "Cell-Outs", where the player is meant to talk to Professor Frink, there is an unused timeout condition. There is no actual time applied so re-enabling it causes the mission to fail instantly.

Nerd Race Queen - Unused ObjectiveEdit

In Level 3's first mission, "Nerd Race Queen", there is an unused objective located before the final dialogue conversation in the level's m1i.mfk file. Re-enabling this objective shows that it is completed and functional. The player was intended to go inside the Android's Dungeon, which means that the conversation between Lisa and the Comic Book Guy was meant to happen inside the building. However, in the final, the conversation happens outside and is triggered immediately.

Clueless - Removed Sedan ChasesEdit

The Simpsons Hit and Run - Unused L3M2 Objectives

The Simpsons Hit and Run - Unused L3M2 Objectives

Level 3's second main mission, "Clueless", has a total of three unused sedan chases, each of which are close to Milhouse's locations in the normal mission. By using Notepad++, it is possible to edit the mission file and re-enable the sedan chases. Like Apu in the E3 version of "Better Than Beef", the sedan AI uses the EasyCop AI. The black sedan is already loaded in the m2l.mfk file, which means that the file doesn't have to be edited to get the black sedan chases working.

Also worth pointing out that underneath the second and third sedan chases are two strange locations that also can be enabled. "mhouse_loc2" and "mil_loc3" both seem to refer to possible Milhouse locations, but Milhouse doesn't appear in these locations in the final. The first unused location ("mhouse_loc2") is on the path of grass that leads to the Burns' Casino ramp shortcut, while the other one ("mil_loc3") is near Krustylu Studios.

Slithery Sleuthing - Unused "talkto" ObjectiveEdit

At the end of Level 3's fifth mission, "Slithery Sleuthing", the player was supposed to talk to Chief Wiggum, however, in the final game, the conversation happens automatically.

Fishy Deals - Unused Fish LocationEdit

In Level 3's sixth mission, "Fishy Deals", the player must collect 22 fish before time runs out. However, there is an unused 23rd fish located in the level's m6i file. Re-enabling it causes the unused fish to appear on the pier in front of the C. Spanker. The fish counter is also updated from 22 to 23 in order to accommodate for the extra fish.

Ketchup Logic - The 19th Ketchup PacketEdit

In Level 4's third mission, "Ketchup Logic", the player must collect 18 ketchup packets for Cletus. However, there is an unused 19th ketchup packet in the level's m3i file. Re-enabling it causes the game to crash, though, because there is no location set for this unused ketchup packet.

...and Baby Makes 8 - Unused "goto" ObjectiveEdit

In the premission info file for Level 5's second mission, "...and Baby Makes Eight", there is a dummied out objective. SetHUDIcon command has a "lbsc" as a parameter, which means that possibly, the Cola Truck at the end of the previous mission would've stopped at a different location and the player would drive to the Legitimate Businessman's Social Club. Re-enabling this objective causes the game to automatically skip it, due to the player already being located at the LBSC. The interesting part, is that the message index is set to "0000000000000000000", which is possibly a joke from the developer team.

Eight is Too Much - Unused "goto" ObjectiveEdit

In Level 5's third mission, "Eight is Too Much", there is an unused objective in the level's m3i.mfk file. Re-enabling this objective shows that it is mostly useless. The objective requires the player to drive to the Shelbyvillian's Van (in front of the Hospital) before collecting the diapers. The HUD icon is the diaper icon used in this mission, and the objective text reads "HIT THE VAN AND COLLECT THE DIAPERS". This objective may have been dummied out because the player has to drive to the Hospital in order to start the mission.

Kwik Cash - Unused TimerEdit

In Level 5's sixth mission, "Kwik Cash", there is an unused timer during the "Destroy the Armored Truck" segment. The timer is set to 3:30, and was likely dummied out because the Armored Truck is very difficult to destroy, and players would have to prevent themselves from destroying their own vehicle.

Kinky Frinky - Unused "goto" ObjectiveEdit

Level 5's bonus mission, "Kinky Frinky", has an unused objective that involved the player having to drive to the Sit-N-Rotate to find Frink's Hover Car. Since this is commented out and thus never used, the player never has to visit the Sit-N-Rotate in a mission, which renders the HUD Icon for it unused. However, someone can delete the slashes that comment out the strings and re-enable the objective. Re-enabling it causes the unused HUD icon to appear, as well as the unused stage message (DRIVE TO THE SIT 'N' ROTATE). Once the player gets there though, the Hover Car spawns back at the park since there was no location set for it at the SNR.

Lab Coat Caper - Unused "goto" ObjectiveEdit

At the beginning of Level 6's third mission, "Lab Coat Caper", there is an unused goto objective. Originally, the player was meant to drive to the Aztec Theater before Professor Frink appears.

Duff for Me, Duff for You - Unused Clothing ChangeEdit

In Level 6's fourth mission, "Duff for Me, Duff for You", the player would have to change Bart into his Bartman costume according to the game files, but in the final, Bart wouldn't have to change costumes at all. It is likely that it got cut out due to the costume being no need for the mission. Since this is commented out, the Bartman costume was changed to be an optionally bought piece of clothing instead.

Milking the Pigs - Unused "goto" ObjectiveEdit

At the beginning of Level 6's bonus mission, "Milking the Pigs", there is an unused goto objective. Originally, the player was meant to drive to the Krusty Burger before Chief Wiggum appears. This was removed for unknown reasons.

Rigor Motors - Unused "interior" ObjectiveEdit

In Level 7's first mission, "Rigor Motors", there was supposed to be a final objective in which the player has to enter the Simpsons House and the mission ends there. The message says "GO INSIDE THE HOUSE AND DROP OFF THE SUPPLIES". It is complete but is quite useless, in the final game however, the mission ends when the player arrives at the house, but without needing to enter it.

There's Something About Monty - Unused TimerEdit

In the second part of Level 7's fourth mission, "There's Something About Monty", where the player has to climb the wreckage at the Power Plant to reach Mr. Burns' Office, they were supposed to get up there with a timer set to 1:30. This was slashed out in the mission data due to the fact it would be too difficult for the player to get up the wreckage in a short amount of time and falling down would result them in having to start the mission from the beginning. Because of this, the mission failed jingle for the song that plays here (land_of_choc_end_neg) goes unused.

Alien "Auto"topsy Part I - Unused Black FerriniEdit

In Level 7's fifth mission, "Alien "Auto"topsy Part I", the player would have to lose the Black Ferrini before collecting the nuclear waste. It was most likely scrapped, due to the Black Ferrini making too many mission appearances in Level 7, and also because Radical wanted to make one of the last three missions easy so they cut the Black Ferrini out.

Alien "Auto"topsy Part II - Unused "goto" ObjectiveEdit

In Level 7's sixth mission, "Alien "Auto"topsy Part II", there is an unused objective where the player had to drive to the Power Plant after escaping from the alien car. Re-enabling this objective shows that it is mostly incomplete, as there is no HUD icon and the objective text reads "DRIVE THROUGH THE POWERPLANT ENTRANCE." The player would have to drive inside the Power Plant before the nuclear waste barrel appears.

Unused Drama SwitchesEdit

There's a plenty of missions that were going to switch their music to the drama variation in a specific stage. For example, Level 5's sixth mission, "Kwik Cash", it had two "StageStartMusicEvent("L6_drama");" lines (for stages with Wiggum chasing the player) but due to a spelling error (L6 instead of M6), this goes unused. The same can be found in the last mission of the game "Alien "Auto"topsy Part III" in the stage where's the Black Ferrini starts to pursue the player. Again, same issue: "StageStartMusicEvent("L7_drama");". This error repeats for five more missions: "Alien "Auto"topsy Part II", "There's Something About Monty", "Wolves Stole My Pills", "Return of the Nearly-Dead" and "Ketchup Logic". The most interesting part is that L7M4, L4M5 and L4M3 don't have a drama version of the music, so even fixing the issue won't help here.

Revisional DifferencesEdit

Hit & Run was released on all major platforms at the time, and a couple of minor changes were made to each release.

  • The GameCube port seems to be based on an earlier build of the game, as it has some oddities within it:
    • Flaming Tires (Level 7's Bonus Mission) is replayable due to what appears to be an oversight. While the red exclamation mark will not appear over Smithers' head, the blue glow underneath his feet will. This oversight is shared in some early copies of the PlayStation 2 version.
    • The Hover Car's transparency effect doesn't appear to work properly. The windows on the car are not transparent, which leads to an issue where the characters cannot be seen once the car reaches full speed. The refraction effect also appears to be broken as well.
GameCube PlayStation 2, Xbox and Windows
SHAR-HovercarGC SHAR-HovercarPC
    • Evergreen Terror's theme has a hard-to-hear guitar midway that was amplified in other releases:
GameCube PlayStation 2, Xbox and Windows
SimpsonsHnR halloween music GC
SimpsonsHnR halloween music PC
  • The PlayStation 2 and Xbox ports seem to be a bit more complete in comparison to the GameCube one: the Hovercar window issue was fixed, Evergreen Terror now has proper instrumentation, and the Flaming Tires mission glitch was fixed.
    • The PlayStation 2 port, runs at a lower framerate due to weaker hardware (almost less than 30) and this does screw up the physics slightly.
  • The Xbox port has a built-in "widescreen" option that every other version lacked.
  • The PC port adds a "Lemonade Stand" prop in Level 1, re-did the entire HUD and some textures to support higher resolutions, and has the bugfixes that the PlayStation 2 and Xbox ports had.
  • However, the PC release is missing several visual enhancements, such as the "lens flare" effect from the sun seen in Level 1, the original shader that the Hover Car used in the console releases is missing entirely (so the effect isn't as translucent as the console releases), and the "steering" animations for the player go unused due to what appears to be a technical oversight.
PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube Windows
SHAR-LensFlareGC SHAR-NoLensFlarePC
  • The icon for Snake behind bars from the mission "Slithery Sleuthing" was changed for the PC release.
PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube Windows
SHAR-sjailPS2 SHAR-SjailPC