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    Recently, I've been looking up at The Simpsons: Hit & Run, of what it was like during development and before the game was officially released, and I've noticed many changes changed to it in prerelease articles, screenshots, videos and also on the game's scrapbook. I will say the prerelease and unused content for each level, starting with Level 1, but first I'll do other objects and such:

    • Trees look more cartoon-styled and less detailed, they were also less realistic and featured no layering.
    • The Street Race icons that appear above the three characters' head look different in early releases, being a black circle with two wing-like shapes in a speech bubble rather than being two flags as seen in the final game.
    • There is a very early radar seen …

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    What is your favourite level from favourite to least favourite? Write them down in the comments section below in the order of your favourite levels from favourite to least favourite.

    1. Level 6
    2. Level 7
    3. Level 5
    4. Level 1
    5. Level 3
    6. Level 2
    7. Level 4
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    Which are your favourite top 10 vehicles in The Simpsons: Hit & Run? Write them down in the comments section below.

    If you want to know mine. Just go onto my user page here, User:OliverDuckandToad11.

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